Congratulations to Anna Mei who set two Women’s Master (50-59) records on a standard bike from San Marino to Rome and then Rome to San Marino the next day!

Anna set 2 records in 2 days –

San Marino to Rome on Oct 4 – 200.45 mikes in 12 hr 24 mins – average sp = 13.92 mph


Rome to San Marino on Oct 5 – 200.45 miles in 16 hr 2 min = average speed 12.50 mph

What an amazing accomplishment for a great cause!




Read her riders summary below:



  • Name of rider: Mei Anna
  • Start date: oct 4th , 8:20 AM
  • Exact start location: The start line is close to the ancient door of San Marino, called La Porta di San Francesco, where there is the police little station.
  • What where the conditions like: weather condition quite good: sunny day, not too hot, with a little bit of wind, of course on the front.
  • Why did you want to do a record: fundraising for epidermiolisi bullasae, a terrible and rare skin disease., to let the people know the butterfly children exist.
  • Equipment: I have been using both of my bikes, road one on hills, TTone on flat. Nothing special.
  • Eat and drink: I had some fruits, like banana’s, pears, sandwiches with ham or tuna fish. Gels and protein bars. Lollipops to let me dry my throat.
  • Best part: the end of both of them. I arrived in Roma so so fast….it has been amazing!! The arrive in San Marino, after that incredible ascent and +600k and +5500mt of elevation gain.
  • Hardest part: well we had bad bad road condition close to Todi and in Umbria region: it was like to ride my bike in a desert rock, pushing and pushing but no speed…full of dangerous holes. Mentally very hard to sustain.
  • Things particularly unusual: the Police stopped us I think 30k before Rome, so we did lost time…
  • Exact finish location in Rome : Foro Italico, on the river Tevere, close to “La stele”,an anchien aegiptyan tower, with sign on, coming from the period when Benito Mussolini was the Duce of Italy. It is very very high and a very big monument. On the back of it, there are RAI offices (Italian national tv).
  • Exact finish time in Rome:20.44
  • Exact start time in Rome:05.08 at Foro Italico
  • Exact finish location in San Marino: the Porta di San Francesco, same spot as for the start.
  • Exact time finish in San Marino: 21.10