Results have been tallied and WUCA is pleased to congratulate the 2019 Challenge series winners. If you’re named below, be sure that the address in your WUCA membership profile is accurate as that will be used in mailing out awards.

WORLD CUP (highest avg speed for 12-hr TT, 24-hr TT and 1,000+ mi races) : Overall winners – Marko Baloh and Daniela Genovesi. Male 60+ winner – Joe Barr

ULTRA CUP (highest avg speed for 6-hr TT, 12-hr TT and 100 mi races) : Overall winners – Chris Hopkinson. Male 60+ winner – Wes Wilmer, 70+ winner – Ralph Schmook. Recumbent winner – Jeffrey Ritter.

6-hour TT series : Overall winners – Rene Miles and Gerry Eddlemon. Age group winners – Donna Orange, Ken Peterson, Larry Oslund, Reid McClure.

12-hour TT series : Overall winners – Marcus Blagrove and Nancy Guth. Age group winners – Darja Horvat, Maria Parker, Daniela Genovesi, Robert Volk, Chris Hopkinson, Greg Cantori, Jeffrey Ritter, Steve Johns, Dave Towns, Robert Baldino.

24-hour TT series : Overall winners – J Michael Phillips and Crystal Spearman. Age group winners – Daniela Genovesi, Nancy Guth, Jason Burgess, John Harthoorn, Richard Nicholson, Bob Page, Reed Finfrock, and tandem – Team Beau & Babe (John & Nancy Guth).