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Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 2018


Rider’s Narrative Summary Record Attempt: - 100 Km Distance Road Solo Rider: - Peter John Horton, 51 years old, United Kingdom Crew: - Danny White, Lesa White and Luisa Mabee Eddlemon Officials: - Gerald “Gerry” Eddlemon, James Galo and Mickey Ledbetter At 8.00.00 am of May 6th 2018 I finally got toattempt to achieve the 100 Km Distance Road Solo at Lumberton North Carolina which was Nationally Certified by Danny White – USATF/RRTC in June 2017. I started on Hilly Branch Road (Hwy. 301) just South of US Hwy. 74 and completed the first loop of 32.19 miles and then [...]

Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 20182020-03-03T04:53:59-08:00

Wales – E-W Matthew Stevens 4-27-2018


At 0819hrs on 27/04/18, I, Matt Stevens, set off on a WUCA world record attempt at breaking the record for the fastest crossing (East to West) of Wales. The start was on the A44, west of the English town of Kington, at the junction with the B4594. The weather was extremely poor. 5 degrees with a wind-chill factor bringing it down to -1 degrees C and heavy rain made for a very wet and cold start, but an advantage of a slight tailwind for the first section of the route was very welcome! I wanted to attempt a record as [...]

Wales – E-W Matthew Stevens 4-27-20182020-03-03T04:54:11-08:00
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