53520 Nürburg

Rad am Ring (Nurbergring 24hr), 2024

53520 Nürburg 53520 Nürburg, Nürburg, Germany

On Saturday, July 20, things heat up on the Nürburgring. Road cyclists, mountain bikers, racers and 24-hour cyclists… they can all let off steam on the Formula 1 asphalt today. It is recommended finding a place to watch near the start and finish stretches, just a few meters from the stage and the Expo. Starting from 11:30 a.m. thousands of athletes will gather on the starting stretch for the Grand Départ. At half past noon, the fast road riders first dash across the starting line to burn their races of 25, 75 or 150 kilometers into the tarmac, before the […]

Race Type: 24 HourTimed
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