For several years I was a dedicated triathlete competing in over 40 triathlons including 12 half Ironman and 7 full Ironman events. I was able to be pretty competitive finishing in the top 10 of age group most of the time with 3 podium finishes including 2nd and 4th at Ironman Chattanooga in 2016 and 2017 and missing a slot entry to the World Championship in Kona, Hi. both years by “One” slot . I know most people think a 112-116mi time trial bike race as part of the full distance Ironman is an awesome race and it isn’t easy, But, after a few 250 To 500 milers the century ride is just an enjoyable workout !

I was introduced to ultra distance and encouraged to try my first ultra race by Dexter Tooke at NCOM 2017.  I actually graduated high school with  Dexter in 1969 in Crane, Tx. so I attempted the 208mi race and used my time trial bike the entire race which was a big learning experience because I developed Shermers neck at mile 170 and suffered the last 38mi having “no idea” what was happening.  When I finally got safely to the finish I was informed about what I had just experienced and that’s the first and LAST time I stayed on a TT bike the entire race. Since that race I’ve competed in several ultras with my 2 best being the local (Glenrose, Tx.) Tejas 500 RAAM qualifier which I was actually able to win the male division in 2019 & 20…but , both years an awesome young  lady kicked my butt …I will be 70yrs old in January 2021 and I just wish I had started ultra racing 30 yrs ago because there’s just nothing quite like it.  I was an avid cyclist in the late 80s and early 90s but I let it slide in order to raise and support my kid’s in their early years with hunting, fishing, camping, softball etc.  Then, in 2011 Dexter was able to  complete his second try at RAAM and that was my inspiration to get back in shape. I was way over weight and it was time to either call the gym or call the funeral home. I went to the gym and with the help of a trainer I lost almost 50lbs and began doing sprint and olympic distance triathlons which evolved into Ironman distances in 2014 when I completed my first half and full distance races. Since then I have been able to meet awesome people and tremendous athletes