Team of: Geoffrey Phillips, Bodie Nance, and Andrew Carberry – New Arkansas W-E 4xteam Record – Oct 24, 2020

Congratulations to the team of: Geoffrey Phillips, Bodie Nance, and Andrew Carberry for setting the Arkansas W-E record on Oct 24, 2020

Category: 4x Male relay (only 3 members) – Standard bike – Senior division (18-49) avg age

They completed the 190.6 mile journey in 10 hours 58 min for an average speed of 17.38 mph


Team Information

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Geoff Phillips 36 Sherwood, AR UNITED STATES Standard
James Nance 62 Alexander, AR UNITED STATES Standard
Andrew Carberry 35 Little Rock, AR UNITED STATES Standard
Team Age Group: Men 18-49
Team Category: 4x Relay

Record Information

Record Type: Cross State
Record State: Arkansas
Record Category: 4x Relay
Record Start Date: 2020-10-24
Record End Date: 2020-10-24

Record Statistics

Direction: W-E
Start Point: ARKANSAS - WEST - US 82 at AR/TX state line in Texarkana
End Point: ARKANSAS - EAST - AR/MS state line on US 82 bridge over Mississippi River near Greenville, MS
Distance (miles): 190.6
Time (days:hours:minutes): 00:10:58
Speed (miles/hour): 17.38

Extra Information

Officials: Kaleb Jones
Crew: Ken Phillips, Robin Nance
Notes: Teamwork! Great new team record for Arkansas!
Report: report