Schemmel-Lyons Colorado S-N June 1, 2018

Congratulations to the team of Jerry Schemmel, Julie Lyons who have set the record for the South to North Colorado Crossing for a Mixed Team (60-69) age group with a time of: 16 hour 16 minutes. Distance the 308 miles. Very well done.

Team Information

Team Name: Schemmel-Lyons

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Jerry Schemmel 59 LIttleton, CO UNITED STATES Standard
Julie Lyons 61 Greenwood Village, Co UNITED STATES Standard
Team Age Group: Mixed 60-69
Team Category: 2x Relay

Record Information

Record Type: Cross State
Record State: Colorado
Record Category: 2x Relay
Record Start Date: 2018-05-31
Record End Date: 2018-06-01

Record Statistics

Direction: S-N
Start Point: Raton Pass on I-25 at CO/NM state line
End Point: US 85 at CO/WY state line
Distance (miles): 308.0
Time (days:hours:minutes): 00:16:16
Speed (miles/hour): 18.93

Extra Information

Officials: Candace Chiapusio, Paul Stranahan
Crew: David DeRose, Maggie DeRose, David Lyons, Diane Schemmel, Paul Stranahan
Notes: Very nice record and team work!
Report: report