Marshall Randall – 6 hour Trike Road Record – 2023-04-28

Congratulations to Marshal Randall for breaking his previous 6 hour record in the Male, 60-65, Trike categories

During this attempt Marshall also set the following 3 records of lesser time or distance:

100 Km Road – Trike
200 Km Road – Trike
100 Mile Road – Trike

Rider Information

Rider Name: Marshall Randall
Age: 65
Age Group: Men 60-69
Rider Hometown: Rockford, MI
Rider Country: US

Record Information

Record Type: Timed
Record Timed: 6 Hour Road
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Trike
Record Start Date: 2023-04-28
Record End Date: 2023-04-28

Record Statistics

Distance (miles): 118.533
Distance (km): 190.760
Speed (miles/hour): 19.76
Speed (km/hour): 31.79

Extra Information

Officials: Kelle Randall, Mark Crews , George Veeneman
Crew: Kyle Klooster , Rudy Malmquist, Torrence Groen
Notes: Congrats to Marshall for smashing his own 4 previous records
Report: report