Josh Wolf, John Arneson, Jimmy Montalto, Marco Capraro – 4x – 100 Mile Road Record – 2022-05-21

Congratulations to team “Feel the Unicorn Fury” of Josh Wolf, John Arneson, Jimmy Montalto, and Marco Capraro – for setting a new 100 Mile Road Attempt in the Mens, 4xteam, Standard Bike categories on May 21, 2022

This is also a new GWR

Team Information

Team Name: Feel the Unicorn Fury

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Josh Wolf 40 Lenexa, KS UNITED STATES Standard
John Arneson
Jimmy Montalto
Marco Capraro
Team Age Group: Men 18-49
Team Category: 4x Relay

Record Information

Record Type: Distance
Record Distance: 100 Mile Road
Record Category: 4x Relay
Record Start Date: 2022-05-21
Record End Date: 0022-05-21

Record Statistics

Distance (miles): 100
Time (days:hours:minutes:seconds): 00:04:03:41
Speed (miles/hour): 24.62
Speed (km/hour): 39.62

Extra Information

Officials: Jeff Shipman, Justin Miller
Crew: Mike Corbun , Jill Hamilton-Reeves, Freddy Ford, Liz Weildling
Notes: Fantastic new 4x Relay Road Record
Report: report