Congratulations to team “Feel the Unicorn ” of Josh Wolf, John Arneson, Jimmy Montalto, & Marco Capraro – for setting a new 100 Km, and 100 Mile Road Attempt in the Mens, 4xteam, Standard Bike on May 21, 2022

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles)
100 Km Road 02:28:41.62 40.35 25.07
Distance Event Miles Time Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km)
100 Mile Road 04:03:41.73 24.62 39.62


JoshWolf4x-vid3 JoshWolf4x-vid4 JoshWolf4x-vid2 JoshWolf4x-vid1 JoshWolf4x-vid

Record attempt: 4XTeam 100 MIle Relay 

Rider Names: 

Jimmy Montalto 

Marco Capraro 

John Arenson 

Josh Wolf

Date/Time: 5.21.2021

WUCA Certified 100 Mile time: 04:03:41.73

Exact start location: Right after the blue sign on the right, before the roundabout on North Richards Road at the Charles Wheeler Airport 

Conditions: We had a 2 hour rain delay (we were going to start at 6am to beat weather).  Aimed for an adjusted 8am start.  Cloudy, unseasonably cool at 52 degrees with a North Wind starting at 10mph, getting up to 17mph by the time we finished. 

  Driving there, Josh’s bike rack broke and his TT bike was dangling from a thread.  That was fixed…John’s bike though, was a different story.  His derailleur cable snapped.  Jeff (also a bike mechanic) was able to take it back to his shop and fix…which was another 90 min delay.

In the meantime, Josh managed to aggravate an old back injury, and we all sat in a heated car, while Jill (crew) biked and ran and others went to go grab coffee. 

Finally, we did a warm up lap, and got started.  

Conditions were hard and the wind would shift and proved to be a big part of the day.  The 3.7 mile loop went by quick.  We went about 20-21 mph ranging 280-360 watts into the headwind, and 31-33 (until the last 20-30 miles) with the tailwind.  

The crew gave us what we needed (Kurt’s bars, water, coke, Huma Gel, Supplement Superstore electrolytes, water, UCAN).  Jeff kept everyone on point officialing in the car with Mike driving the vehicle like a pro.  Jill hung out the window and was able to get all 4 of us what we needed in the 1 min time allowance, usually with time to spare for pics and funny words by everyone in the car to keep spirits high.  

Liz, Freddy and some others who came out to cheer were on the ground, helping Miller with laps and just hanging around watching 4 crazies plow around the airport as fast as they could. 

We had one rider with some mechanical issues and had to sit a few laps out here and there, and at one point it was just two of us riding because conditions just continued to deteriorate… on the corners it was full on echelon drafting!   Dehydration seemed to catch everyone a bit off guard with the weather too.  

We were SUPER happy with the effort as everyone gave everything they had.  It’s a very open and exposed course, and in Kansas City, winds are always a factor.  

Two riders had a disc wheel, 3 had a TT bike, 1 opted for a roadie. 

The best part of the ride had to be the officials/crew.  And the pizza/beer celebration after.  We are beyond grateful to be able to do these things, and it takes so many people to make this happen.  Without our crew, we literally wouldn’t be able to start this thing, let alone complete it. 

We also had two of our riders get nailed by a car last year, and this was the first event back for both of them.  They are still recovering from some of the injuries, and they are beyond thankful to be back on a bike. 

The hardest part was we didn’t get too much training in as a group, making reading each other and optimizing fluidity of pulls challenging.   And it was early in our season here in Kansas, so fitness was a bit low for most of us. 

Exact finish time was: 1:48pm