Floris Von Bonninghausen – 12 hour Outdoor Track Record 2023-09-21

Congratulations to Floris Von Bonninghausen who set the 12-hr Outdoor Track record in the following categories:

WUCA Country Record 18-49 Age group, standard bike, Outdoor Track, County (Netherlands)

Rider Information

Rider Name:
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Susan Notorangelo
Age: 29
Age Group: Men 18-49
Rider Hometown: Amsterdam
Rider Country: Netherlands

Record Information

Record Type: Timed
Record Timed: 12 Hour Outdoor Track
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2023-09-21
Record End Date: 2023-09-21

Record Statistics

Distance (miles): 288.259
Distance (km): 463.908
Speed (miles/hour): 24.02
Speed (km/hour): 38.66

Extra Information

Officials: Lidewij von Bönninghausen, Pieter Labaar
Crew: Mark Toemen, Bas Vlaskamp, Susie Cats, Igor Meijs, Jaime Frias Amadori, Jasper van der Meulen, Pieter Rom Colthoff, Thijs van Luijk, Marie Sophie Res, Jaap Scholten
Notes: Amazing speed and endurance in spite of the rain and bad conditions.
Report: report