TEXAS – W – E – Wilson – & – Reitman

Congratulations. Your record has been verified by the WUCA.

Team Information

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Rick Wilson Arlington, TX US Tandem
Claire Reitman Irvine, TX US Tandem
Team Age Group: Mixed 18-49
Team Category: Tandem

Record Information

Record Type: Cross State
Record State: Texas
Record Category: Tandem
Record Start Date: 1993-06-05
Record End Date: 1900-01-00

Record Statistics

Direction: W-E
Start Point: TEXAS - WEST - Long Route: Bridge intersection at Ewald Kipp Way and Paisano Drive near Three Points (conjunction of TX/NM/MEX)
End Point: TEXAS - EAST - Long Route: Junction US 67/71 at TX/AR state line in Texarkana, TX
Distance (miles): 835
Time (days:hours:minutes): 02:10:25
Speed (miles/hour): 14.28

Extra Information