OREGON – N – S – Pelton – & – Woudenberg

Congratulations. Your record has been verified by the WUCA.

Team Information

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Vicki Pelton Redwood City, CA US Standard
Timothy Woudenberg 51 Moss Beach, CA US Standard
Team Age Group: Mixed 50-59
Team Category: 2x Relay

Record Information

Record Type: Cross State
Record State: Oregon
Record Category: 2x Relay
Record Start Date: 2008-05-03
Record End Date: 1900-01-00

Record Statistics

Direction: N-S
Start Point: OREGON - NORTH - OR/WA state line on US 97 bridge over Columbia River at Biggs, OR
End Point: OREGON - SOUTH - US 97 at OR/CA state line south of Worden, OR
Distance (miles): 291.4
Time (days:hours:minutes): 00:17:15
Speed (miles/hour): 16.89

Extra Information