Congratulations to John Wolf for his new WUCA World Record

Read Josh’s personal account of his record attempt:

Record Attempt: Missouri W – E

Name of Riders: Josh Wolf

Start date: 6.26.2021 at 6:54am CST 

Conditions were great.  Overcast, party cloudy at 69 deg to start with a high of 82 and mostly overcast, some drizzle. Humidity 97% and fell to 85%.  Wind was South at 4 mph, changed to 12 mph from S-SW half way through and then finally finished with 8mph tailwind for the last 2-3 hours of the day! 

Why did I want to do the record?  I love to ride bikes, to test my limits and to do the seemingly impossible.  Last year with the Covid shutdown I went for the Bike Across Kansas, and due to unfortunate circumstances, I came up short.  However I learned so much and my buddy, John Arneson, trained all summer with me.  This year, we wanted to do something together….and decided to train and I would go for the W-E record and he’d try the E-W the next day.   It was such a beautiful and joyful way to do this, because I got to have my training partner and incredible friend John (The Mad Hatter) Arneson by my side the whole day. 

Equipment: Castelli Grenadier Speed Suit, Parlee TT bike with Zip 808s. 

Eat and Drink: Home-made sour dough bread, almond butter and farmers market sandwich, UCAN, Honey Stingers, Salt Stick, Coke and a few other random yummies. 

What was the best part;  The crew, having my wife cheer along the way and John taking the E-W record the very next day! 

Hardest Part: Head wind miles 130-160 as the road jogged south was a bit brutal.  I had to sit up/check my power and chill often for 2-3 hours.  

Did anything particularly unusual happen: the weather for the midwest in the 70-80 and overcast was unreal.  It was forecasted to storm later in the day.  We were spared by the grace of God! 

Exact finish: Illinois state line sign on the bridge over the Mississippi River.  

Exact finish time: 3:00pm CST