Congratulations to Alix Magner for her new WUCA World Record

Alix Magner 2021-06-18 – MN W-E ride report

Early start

For the first two hours I was moving fast with a light tailwind, but feeling uncomfortable. Legs felt good, but saddle felt off. Stopped about 2 hours in to adjust saddle and switch out to dark sunglasses. Road was fast, very little traffic. Beautiful morning
About two hours later I was getting ready to stop to have a bio break when I got a flat. Used the opportunity to break, change shoes, eat, fill bottles.
Around 6 hours in, traffic started getting heavier – was navigating rumble strips on the side of the road, plus trucks. Even though there was a sizeable shoulder, truck traffic was generating a wind pushing and pulling me as they came through. I was still going strong, but getting fatigued by the trucks.
At some point here, Larry and Tom rerouted me up and away from the highway. Up the hill, left down what turned out to be a gravel road. But I was riding 28s, so not an issue. Then left again and down into town. This was one of the best parts of the ride and a lovely break from the highway. Hopped on a bike trail to get into town. Lost them briefly and used the radio to tell them where I was.
I had been planning on stopping for a Coke and a break at mile 150, and we were just shy of that, but the little town seems a good spot to regroup. Regrouped, ate, drank a Coke, filled my pockets with food and set off determined to make the rest of the ride in one push. I felt strong and fresh.
And then it got hot. In Chaska, I started feeling very hot and slightly faint. I saw later that part of the issue was a series of climbs that I didn’t even register while riding. It was the heat of the day – probably 90 or 91, no shade and heat radiating off the asphalt. I told Larry I was hot, he knew I was serious, so we made a quick stop to fill my pockets with ice.
Then finally on the road for the final push. I was working hard to keep the average pace up despite the traffic lights through the city. Pushing as hard as I could through the final miles. Finally into Hastings and onto the bridge. Found the bike trail into Prescott. It seemed never-ending. No other people. No signage. No landmarks. Was this going to be 1 mile? 5 miles? My brain was having a hard time telling. Then finally, up onto the bridge into Prescott, an annoying cloverleaf to get to the bike lane on the other side of the bridge and across!!