Congratulation to Maria for setting this Ohio E-W record for female (18-49) on a standard bike

She rode the 232.77 Miles in 17 hrs 44 mins – for an average speed of 13.13 mph

She now owns the Ohio E-W and W-E record!

What is next for her: Ohio N-S, and S-N, or maybe E-W-E?

Maria del P. Vazquez Ohio State Crossing E-W Female Solo

Rider’s Narrative Summary

RECORD ATTEMPT:  Ohio State Crossing E-W Female Solo

RIDER’S NAME:  Maria del P. Vazquez Vazquez

START DATE/TIME:  Saturday 7/18/2020 / 6:38AM (EST)

EXACT START LOCATION:  SR 224 / OH/PA State Line / Abandoned Gas Station in front of grass lot that divides 2 roads, right at the point when you cross to PA

CONDITIONS:  I will say they were perfect at the start.  Not too cold, not too warm and no wind.  After a while it was very hot and humid, but most of all very very windy (head wind).  Remained like that for about the last ⅔ of the ride.

WHY TO DO A RECORD:  I love doing things many consider ‘impossible’ or ‘very difficult’.  Love getting records to let others know how much more capable than we think we are, we actually are.  It just fuels me and better prepares me for life!

EQUIPMENT USED:   Nothing special…just a road bike with nice wheels 🙂

EAT/DRINK:  Combo of Spiz, GU, H2O and real food

BEST PART:  My crew and some very efficient stops

HARDEST PART:  HEADWIND (constant, relentless and punishing) and heat

ANYTHING UNUSUAL:  I don’t think anything unusual happened

EXACT FINISH LOCATION:  At the exact end of SR 114.  No where else to go but right or left on State Line RD IN/OH

EXACT FINISH TIME:  12:22AM (EST) (7/19/2020)