Larsen Braves December with Gutsy Race
“…gummybears: they make you fly! :)”


Rider: Jan Larsen, WUCA member #8156
Bicycle Category and Division: Standard, mens 49 and under
Start date: November 12, 2011 at 0910 November 12, 2011 at 0910
End date: November 12, 2011 at 2035 November 13, 2011 at 1123
Elapsed time: 11 hours, 25 minutes 26 hours, 13 minutes
Distance, Speed: 217.48mi (350km), 19.05mph (30.65kph) 434.34mi (699km), 16.57mph (26.66kph)
Start location: Dragør Fort, Prins Knuds Dæmning 2, Dragør Blåvandshuk fyr
End location: Blåvandshuk fyr Dragør Fort, Prins Knuds Dæmning 2, Dragør
Officials: Mads Fabricius, Martin Thomassen
Crew Members: Thanvuis Iverson, Soren Stendal

By Jan Larsen

2 Ready to go.jpg
Ready to go


The weather was sunny with not a cloud in sight, the temperature was about 8 degress C. During daylight there was a shift between tailwind and sidewind. During the night the tempurature was about 0 to -3 degress C with no wind. When the sun showed again there was a lot of mist.

Why did I want to do a record?

I wanted to set a record, partly because I wanted to challenge the existing record and partly because I wanted to raise awareness about my project towards competing in RAAM in 2013.

What equipment did I use?

6 Freezing -3 degrees.jpg
Braving -3 centigrade!

I had two different bikes with me. A road bike, Cube Agree GTC pro and a triathlon bike called Cube Aerium Pro. I only used my Cube Agree GTC pro with an aerobar, because this was the bike on which I was most comfortable.

What did I eat and drink?

My original plan was to eat the following: Organic foodbars, organic energy drink, organic gel and then the magic mix of mashed potatoes, cheese with lots of protein, butter and ketchup. I ended up also adding chocolate, cola with water; and gummybears: they make you fly! 🙂

What was the best part?

My crew who always supports me no matter how demanding I am, my fans along the road and then being on the bike pushing for something that may seems impossible.

What was the hardest part?

The weather and lack of light hours. When the temperature goes below 0 degress C, the legs wont push as hard as before . When, at the same time it is dark about 70% of the attempt, then I got really tired and that is hard.

Did anything unusual happen?

I got a knee issue, that I have never felt before. It was after 120km where it began and after 350 it was a real issue, so that made the attempt a bit more challenging.

8 Finish line.jpg 9 DONE - talking to my crew chief.jpg
Finish line At the finish with crew chief
10 The Welcome home crew.jpg 7 On the way back.jpg
Welcoming committee Racer alone with his thoughts in the mist