Four records fall and once again are hers
Rider: Seana Hogan, WUCA member #144
Category and division: Road bicycle, womens 50-59
Outdoor track record 12hr 24hr 100mi 200mi
Start date: May 4, 2012

at 0750

May 4, 2012 at 0750 May 4, 2012 at 0750 May 4, 2012 at 0750
End date: May 4, 2012

at 1950

May 5, 2012

at 0750

May 4, 2012

at 1232:54

May 4, 2012

at 1735:17

Elapsed time (hh:mm:ss) 12:00:00 24:00:00 4:42:54 9:45:17
Distance 244.16 mi

(392.93 km)

445.78 mi

(717.93 km)

100 mi

(160.93 km)

200 mi

(321.86 km)

Average speed: 20.35 mph

(32.74 kph)

18.57 mph

(29.89 kph)


(34.13 kph)

20.50 mph

(33.00 kph)

Location: Hellyer Velodrome, San Jose, CA
Officials: Cindi Staiger, Mike Deitchman, Brent Hawks, John Leake, Rose Costin
Crew Members: Pat Enright, Alberto Blanco, Ira Sheftman

Through the Night

The track warrior

By Seana Hogan

Back in 1993, after I broke the 24-hour velodrome record, I hoped that I would never have to do it again. It was difficult; more difficult than 24 hours on a road. The mind-numbing monotony of going around and around on a 335.75 meter track, trying to stay in an aerodynamic position. I recall going up and down the banks in 1993 just to break up the tedium. My hopes were realized for eighteen and a half years. Then on a warm Italian autumn day, Anna Mei broke my record. Actually, she broke two of my records: the 12-hour velodrome and the 24-hour velodrome. Excited for her in her accomplishment, I sent her a message on FaceBook; that began a new friendship. I watched the videos and I read the reports of her record ride. I started to feel an itch…


Aero All the Way At Dawn.jpg
Aero all the way Dawn

I was slowly recovering from a knee fracture that I sustained in February 2011; I certainly was not in top form and not sure if I could ever be again. The injury was devastating…and what about my age? I am 52 years old. Dara Torres and Diana Nyad come to mind. Valerio Zamboni had just won Race Around Ireland and he is in his fifties – there he was, out there making it happen. The voice in my head: “It’s you against NO.” I can do this. I had been working hard all last year recovering; I raced three 500-mile races during the year to build myself back…Dara, Diana, Valerio…okay, I am going to go for it!

A week before the attempt, I began monitoring the weather. It looked like rain the day before and clearing on Friday, the scheduled start day. We woke up on that Friday to drizzle and wind; I was hopeful that the weather would improve as the forecasters had said. At 7:30am the track was dry, but the wind continued to whip. My husband held my bike as I clicked into my pedals…three, two, one, go! I was off. I could write about the scenery, but it did not change. I could write about the terrain, but it did not change. I could write about the road conditions, but they did not change. I could talk about the wind, but it did not change: a constant 15-20 mph blast. The wind persisted all day; the foam blocks in the corners blew into the lane and into the infield keeping the crew busy.

When night fell, so did the temperature. It dropped to 46 degrees F. I had to stop to get warm clothes. There I was with a carbon Bianchi bike, a carbon Vuelta disc wheel, a Bell TT helmet and a bloated jacket. Okay, the jacket didn’t slow me down too much.

On the Turn.jpg Crew work.jpg
On the turn Crew work

Mentally, the hardest part of this event were hours 19, 20 and 21. At the beginning of hour nineteen there are only six hours to go. Wait, six hours! Holy cow! Okay, I can do this. “Seana, God blessed you with this opportunity, feel it, savor it.” Instead of looking at the entire six-hour chunk, I considered only one hour at a time. Each hour I divided into twenty minute segments. Once I got to hour 22, it was a lot easier…I knew the end was close. The rising sun brought strength and renewal.

As I would come around to the pursuit line, where the officials and crew were stationed, Alberto and Pat were yelling. Alberto, “GO! Go! You got it! Your are the champion!” Pat, “Go, Go, Go! A half a lap and it is yours!” After I had the record, I told myself, “You are going to leave everything out here!” My lap speeds improved. I really wanted to stretch, to change positions, but I stayed aero and pushed as hard as I could.

At the Finish.jpg

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