Congratulations to Kanwar Gill  and Grinshina Chandran – for completing and setting the new Delhi-Mumbai tandem record for Mix Pair on Tandem – Dec 19-24 2020

They covered the 1458.55 KM in 5 days 8 hr 52 minutes for an average speed of 11.32 kph

Date distance km meters climbing start time end time riding time hr riding time min riding time sec total moving time-hr strava link
2020-12-19 279.16 548 5:15 AM 19:36 10 18 36 10.31
2020-12-20 235.6 448 5:15 AM 17:33 9 14 45 9.25
2020-12-21 283 1097 5:15 AM 17:48 10 42 3 10.70
2020-12-22 228.4 319 5:34 AM 15:30 8 38 54 8.65
2020-12-23 242 469 5:18 AM 15:51 8 51 35 8.86
2020-12-24 190.39 875 5:58 AM 14:07 7 17 34 7.29
Totals 1458.55 55.06
Total time 5 day 8 hr 52 min 128.87 hrs
Total distance km 1458.55 km
Avg speed 11.32 kph

G2G Dec 2020 Ride Report 

6 Days of Tandem ride  

Delhi to Mumbai,  India Gate to  Gateway of India  

Day1: 19th Dec 2020 Delhi to Jaipur 

Distance: 279.16km Elevation: 548m Start Time: 5:!5 AM Strava record links: 


Grinshina: activities/4490627957 

The ride was flagged off from Amar  Jawan Jyoti at India Gate at 5;15am  for us the Tandem duo. Rest of the  riders started later on. We rode  through some of the beautiful sights  of New Delhi, the embassies of  various other nations, the Qutab  Minar area, Mehrauli Archeological  Park, Aravalli Biodiversity park,  Sectors of Gurgoan and caught the  Delhi Gurugram Expressway at 27km  mark. From here on we went on till  100km mark when we stopped for  Breakfast at 9:13am at Delhi 88  restaurant on the Expressway. After a  1/2hr break for breakfast, we rode till the 163.4km mark and took a short 10min break. At 205km mark we had a  lunch break at Sharma Pavitra Bhojanalay. Post lunch we continued riding  towards Jaipur, our hotel for night stay  was Shivam Resort. We arrived at  Shivam Resorts by 7.36pm having  completed  279.16km for  the day.  

Day2: 20th Dec 2020 Jaipur to Bhilwara 

Distance: 235.6km Elevation: 448m  

Start Time: 5:!5 AM 

Strava record links: Kanwar: activities/4495044191

Grinshina: activities/4494619365 

Started at 5:15am as Day1. Had a tea  break at 87km mark now after  Kishangarh towards Bhilwara. This route passes through the rugged terrain of  the Thar Desert. Rajasthan is all about the colours. People find ways to deck  themselves up in the most colourful turbans and ghunghats. They also find  ways to decorate the trucks on the highway! Highways are filled with little  truck decoration shops! The scenery of Rajasthan is fascinating with Forts cut  onto the rock faces.Small trucks made larger in capacity by extending using  cloth. After starting 5:15am we passed through Hotel Jaipur Inn at 76.5km  mark and then took a tea break at 87km mark at a small tea shop Ekta hotel.  At 140km mark we took another 10min bio and snack break. We reached the  Lunch point Hotel Raj Inn at 192km mark. We arrived at the destination for the  day Ranbanka Heritage Resort in Bhilwara by 4:16p 

Day3: 21th Dec 2020 Bhilwara to Ratanpur via Udaipur 

Distance: 283km Elevation: 1097m Start Time: 5:!5 AM 

Strava record links: 

Kanwar : 

Grinshina : 

Day 3 was the toughest part of the this epic ride. It was full of rolling terrain,  ghats and climbs, both distance and elevation gain is significant. We wore the  Bangalore Randonneurs jersey for Good luck and did we get lucky! Started  with a breakfast of Poha(savoury beaten rice) and eggs from the hotel. We passed through the Chittogarh toll at 31km. At 60km we took a break.  The terrain was gentle rolling hills and some steep  climbs closer to Udaipur and Ratanpur. At 178km mark we reached Club Mahindra.  Since we were not hungry there we  proceeded to complete 200km  before taking a lunch break. Lunch  was by a roadside dhaba called  Shiva Dhaba at 205km mark. After a  long 50mins lunch 1:50pm -2:40pm  we continued riding towards  Ratanpur.By 5:48pm at 283km mark we reached  our night stay hotel – Hotel Royal Salute. 

Day 4: 22nd Dec 2020  

Ratanpur to Vadodara  

Distance: 228.4km Elevation: 319m Start  

Time: 5:34 AM 

Strava record links: 

Kanwar : 

Grinshina : 

Day 4 was a state crossing day from Rajasthan to Gujarat, this was where it  started to get warmer. The thick layers are  shed now and only the jersey is enough to  stay warm. The terrain is greener in Gujarat  where there are many rivers. We started at  5:34am post breakfast to cover about  230kms for the day. By now we got used to  riding with minimal breaks for every 100km.  So we kept with the trend and continued on  day 4. At 126km mark we took our first break of 20mins at Ronak Singh Dhaba  for snacks and restroom. At 166km and 188km the toll gate we took additional short restroom breaks. At 203km we were at Hotel Way Wait for lunch. Took a  35 minute break here. Then reached the final destination for the day Hotel  Darshan at 3:30pm 

Day 5: 23rd Dec 2020 Vadodara to Vapi  

Distance: 242km Elevation: 469m Start Time: 5:18 AM 

Strava record links: 

Kanwar : 

Grinshina : 

We left hotel Darshan at 5:18am without breakfast as it was planned for later. We decided to have it along  the way. Rode through various toll booth and passed through heavily industrialised localities around the highway. At the 100km mark we stopped at the Schmitten Chocolate factory and were thrilled to see a  coffee shop with  breakfast served. Spent around 25mins here from 9:10am. At 160km mark at Khanvel hotel we took the next break for snacks. At 204km we stopped for lunch  at Peri Peri Chicken place from 1:15pm to 2:25pm. Arrived at the night stay hotel Royal Shelter in Vapi by 3:51pm

Day 6: 24th Dec 2020 Vapi to Mumbai  

Distance: 190.39km Elevation: 875m Start Time: 5:58 AM 

Strava record links: 



We left hotel Royal Shelter at 5:58am post breakfast and took our first restroom break at 36km mark. A snack break at 100km Hotel Maxim from 10:00 – 10:20am and onward we rode towards Mumbai. Entry to Mumbai through Vapi is climb  country. After traversing through highly congested traffic of Mumbai in the last  50kms, we arrived at the final destination  Gateway of India by 2:07pm.