Congratulations to John Robinson for setting 4 new WUCA records for the Circumnavigation of  Lough Neagh in the Male, 18-49 age group on a standard bike.

Final Certified Results Start Date End Date End Time Direction Time in Hours Dist Miles mph Dist Km Kpm
1 lap 2022-09-09 6:00:00 PM 2022-09-09 9:52 PM CCW 3.867 72.6 18.78 116.84 30.22
2 laps 2022-09-09 6:00:00 PM 2022-09-09 2:36 AM CCW 8.533 145.2 17.02 233.68 27.38
3 laps 2022-09-09 6:00:00 PM 2022-09-09 7:32 AM CCW 13.533 217.8 16.09 350.52 25.90
4 laps 2022-09-09 6:00:00 PM 2022-09-10 1:12 PM CCW 19.200 290.4 15.13 467.35 24.34

Lough Neagh Circumnavigation

Rider : John Robinson

Start date / time : 6pm on Sep-9th-2022

Weather conditions: Dry with medium winds which changed direction throughout the attempt from North-West through North to South-East resulting in mostly cross and head wind. Temperature ranged from around 19°C at the start to around 4°C during the night to 22°C the following day. There was some mist during the night in various locations. 

Road traffic conditions: Generally quiet traffic. Numerous delays at traffic lights and a tailback at a traffic collision and also a delay due to a lorry caught on a tree branch on a narrow road. 

Start / Turnaround / Finish locations:
The Start / Finish location was at the intersection of Annaghbed and Reenaderry roads. 

The reason for the record:
I wanted to set a record around Lough Neagh (the largest lake in the United Kingdom). I hope that this will inspire others to make an attempt around Lough Neagh. 

We had two bikes available:
However I only used 1 bike; a rim brake Spiegel Diablo with Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset, Winspace Hyper wheels, Continental GP5000 Tyres, Infinity saddle, Deda bars, Deda stem and USE TT clipons

Fluid mix was BRL Trifuel Lemon / Lime and Wild Berry.
Solid food was – Cliff bars, Chicken sandwiches, ham sandwiches and brioches.

The best part of the race:
I really enjoyed the last 15 miles as the day warmed up and knowing that the finish line was coming!!

The most difficult part of the race:
The cold during the night and the seemingly never ending cross and head-wind! It is also a difficult thing to start lap after lap when you are passing near home!

Did anything unusual happen:
Yes, at one point during the night a large rat ran across the road straight in front of my front wheel! 

Finish time:
19hrs 12mins