Congratulations to John McWhae for his new WUCA World Record

Alberta W-E

John McWhae

July 8, 2021 0620 start. The Wahoo and Strava devices were started at 0619 and movement detected at 0620. Prior to this I made a false start in the process of starting/synchronizing the devices. I also recall starting these based on the time on my watch. Later I realized my watch was about a minute slow relative to atomic time.

Start: British Columbia/Alberta border Highway 3. I started just off highway 3 on the access road that leads to Island Lake Christian Retreat Center.

Conditions: Light rain, 10 celsius. Wind WNW 7km/hr, then light and direction variable. Rain for first 2-3 hours, then sun and 25 celsius until about 1600 when a moderate (25 km/hr) headwind developed. Heavy rain at 1700 and wind abated. Rain stopped by the finish.

Reason: I was unable to ride a bike for 10 years due to arthritis. I’m making up for lost time. Also a fundraiser for First Nations kids.

Custom built (by me) Bacchetta CA 3.0 with tiller steering. Aero and disc wheels.

Ate mostly liquid calories. Hammer Endurance and Skratch Superfuel. Dates with cheese , Pro bars, bananas, chips.

Best: Working with my amazing crew.

Worst: Nearly crashing beside a semi with my first flat. 2 more flats before the rain stopped. Broken pedal switched in downpour near the end.

Finished off Highway 1 at rest area, exit is at the provincial boundary. Timing stopped here but I rode a bit further for finish line seen. The exit for the rest area can be seen coming off Highway 1 behind me in the last 2 photos (these photos were shot a few minutes later).

I finished at 1759 by my devices (still related to my watch time).

Distance from Wahoo Bolt 373.22 km , Strava 373.83 km. Stopped time about 40 m after the actual finish at provincial boundary.

It was a big day.

John McWhae