Congratulations to Joe Barr for his amazing record attempt and a new WUCA record

Way Points for this route:

Way Points # Map Designation Name County
1 Start START – Muff town center (Inter. R238 & R239) DONEGA
2 B Inishowen Head Lighthouse DONEGA
3 1 Malin Head DONEGA
4 C Village of Dunaff DONEGA
5 2 Fanad Head DONEGA
6 D Village of Dooey DONEGA
7 E Horn Head DONEGA
8 F R257; Meenalough DONEGA
9 G R259; Genahilt DONEGA
10 H R253; Glenbay Cottages DONEGA
11 3 Sliabh Liag (Slieve League) DONEGA
12 I NW end of Quay View Rd DONEGA
13 4 Mullaghmore Head COUNTY SLIGO
14 J R292; Village of Ocean Links COUNTY SLIGO
15 K R297; Village of Rathlee COUNTY SLIGO
16 5 Downpatrick Head COUNTY MAYO
17 L L1202; Village of Graughill COUNTY MAYO
18 M Blacksod Lighthouse entry COUNTY MAYO
19 N Village of Doohoma COUNTY MAYO
20 O Village of Dugort COUNTY MAYO
21 6 Keem Bay COUNTY MAYO
22 P White Cliffs of Ashleam COUNTY MAYO
23 Q Village of Currane COUNTY MAYO
24 R R378; Killeen Cemetery COUNTY MAYO
25 7 Killary Harbour COUNTY GALWAY
26 S Village of Aughric Beg COUNTY GALWAY
27 8 Derrigimlagh COUNTY GALWAY
28 T R343; Village of Carraroe COUNTY GALWAY
29 U R477; Black Head Lighthouse COUNTY GALWAY
30 9 Cliffs of Moher COUNTY CLARE
31 10 Loop Head COUNTY CLARE
32 V N69; Foynes Maritime Museum COUNTY KERRY
33 W Kerry Head Cliffs COUNTY KERRY
34 X Village of Talaught COUNTY KERRY
35 Y R549; Village of Letterard COUNTY KERRY
36 11 Blasket Islands COUNTY KERRY
37 12 Skelligs COUNTY KERRY
38 13 Dursey Island COUNTY CORK
39 14 Mizen Head COUNTY CORK
40 Z Toe Head Viewpoint COUNTY CORK
41 15 Old Head of Kinsale COUNTY CORK
42 FINISH Tourist Bureau, Kinsale center (Kinsale Town Car Park) COUNTY CORK

NOTE: If you wish to attempt this course, see Records chair for official maps that show these waypoints

Record Attempt

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, N-S

1449 miles and 80,085 ft climbing

Name of Rider

Joe Barr

Start date and exact Start time

11AM on August 1st, 2021

Exact Start Location 

Community Centre in Muff, Co.Donegal 

What were the conditions like?

The conditions were varied and extremely changeable. The first 1000KM’s were light northerly winds, mostly dry with sunny spells. 

The weather degraded throughout the next 1000KM’s to southerly headwinds gusting to 25mph with fronts of rain dropping up to 10mm within 30 mins. 

These weather fronts were incredibly challenging especially given the exposed and coastal nature of the course. 

The final 100 miles were completed in a strong westerly (mostly) tailwind with bright, prolonged sunny spells. 

Why did you want to do a record?

I currently hold all distance records in Ireland including N-S, S-N, N-S-N, W-E, E-W and W-E-W.

This record was the logical next step in terms of distance and challenge. This route is by far the most challenging route I have raced in Ireland.

What equipment did you use?

I went to the start line with 4 bikes – 3 road bikes with different gear ratios, one specialized time trial bike with specialized time trial wheels.

What did you eat and drink?

My nutrition consisted of bottle mix – TRIFUEL by BRL Sports Nutrition, homemade performance bars along with some packaged bars such as TORQ Flapjacks or CLIF bars, oatmeal (single serving pots and lots of them), various kinds of sandwiches and some specific warm feeds all prepared by team member and sports nutritionist, Jillian Mooney.

Our goal was a minimum of 50g carb per hour, given my small body weight, with a split of 50:50 complex v simple carbohydrates. 

All bars and hot feeds also contained significant amounts of short and medium chain fats and 15% protein.

What was the best part?

The seamless way the team functioned around one common goal. Each team member brought their passion and their willingness to collaborate day and night. 

Also enjoyable was the astounding number of supporters along the route who came out in all weather to show their support. 

What was the hardest part?

The weather was particularly challenging even for someone used to racing in Ireland. The coastal wind combined with torrential rain over this distance proved difficult to manage from a clothing perspective, which lead to a constant threat of decreasing core body temperature. As the race progressed and fatigue set in this became more and more of an issue.

We were prepared with a kitted race van that supplied hot water so any time off the bike was productive when it came to warming and feeding. This was critical in keeping forward momentum despite the severe weather challenges.

Most time off the bike was spent in clothing changes, warm feeds – only 4 hours dedicated sleep time.

Did anything unusual happen?

On the Beara Peninsula at around 3AM the wind was so severe and gusting that for the first time my bike with standard low section wheels was literally bounced across the road and into a slate wall that separated the road from the growling ocean. It was a startling and scary moment but one that made me appreciate the true nature of the Wild Atlantic Way

Exact finish location

Kinsale, Co.Cork Tourist Information Centre at Kinsale harbor.

Exact finish time

6:46PM on Friday August 6th, 2021