Congratulations to Georgi Stoychev for breaking the existing record for the Maryland S-N record in the Male 18-49 Age group on a Standard Bike

The existing record was by Meurig James in 2013 in 8 hr 8 min = avg speed 16.97

Georgi rode the 138.53 miles in 7 hr 25 for an average speed of 18.7 mph


  • Maryland S-N Cross State Record Attempt by Georgi Stoychev
  • Start date and time– 9/19/20 at 8:29 am?
  • Start location – US 13 at MD/VA line
  • Conditions – Clear Sky, 54 F average temperature, 69% Humidity, Strong Headwind 12Mph with up to 25 Mph Gusts.
  • Why did I want to do a record – With my big goal of Transcontinental #8 being cancelled, I decided to challenge this Cross State record. It is relatively short, easy to execute and good learning experience for future attempts. I wanted to use the fitness gained and work towards a goal during these uncertain times we are living in
  • Equipment and anything special– Spiegel Diablo bike, Mavic Cosmic Pro SLS Wheelset, Shimano R8000  Groupset,  Ceramic Bottom Bracket and Jockey Wheels, Giro Air Shield Attack Helmet,  Asos  speedfireChronosuit_s7 Skinsuit & Infinity Bike Seat
  • Food and drink – I was consuming 1 bottle of Ensure per hour and 1 bottle of Skratch Hydration mix.
  • The best part – How good my aerodynamics were resulting in higher than expected average speed with all the headwind. My Consistent power output and Power Variability Index was awesome. I was able to increase my speed and power towards the end while maintaining 0.7 IF during the duration of the event. My crew was awesome. The fuel stops were efficient – 2 stops and approximately 2 minutes altogether.
  • The hardest part– Immediately getting a harsh headwind  with some cross wind from the east. Had to go really low in my drops numerous times just to hold the bike straight since my front end was violently moving to the sides due to some nasty crosswind. I had to lean to the right almost the whole time just to keep the bike straight.
  • Anything Unusual – Nothing
  • Finish location – MD 213 at MD/PA line
  • Finish time – 7h25min