Half a Loaf Better than None
“the fast pace was unexpected”
Rider: Mads Fabricius (26), WUCA member #5785
Bicycle Category and Division: Standard, men 18-49
Start date: May 14, 2011 at 1325
End date: May 15, 2011, at 0128
Elapsed time: 12 hours, 3 minutes
Mileage, Average: 224.3, 18.61mph
Start location: Fyrvej 106, 5867 Blaavand. The parking lot at the lighthouse at Blavandshuk Fyr
End location: Prins Knuds Daemning 2, 2791 Dragoer. The parking lot at Dragoer Fort
Officials: Martin Thomassen, Fleming Bach

By Mads Fabricius

lighthouse.jpg under_way.jpg
The Start at the Western-most point in Denmark Under Way

This record attempt was a “first of the season” race, to determine the fitness for the upcoming races.

The start was a little delayed due to heavy rain. It rained quite a lot for the first 4-5 hours of the ride and there was a 10-15 mph wind from south west. Temperatures around 15 degrees C in daytime and below 10 degree C after sunset. Cloudy and no moon.

The ride went well. There was no crisis at any time, and the fast pace was unexpected. About halfway there was a flat, but that was quickly fixed. There was a lot of focus on consuming the right amount of energy, since that mistake was the biggest hurdle during the last record attempt from south to north. Mostly liquid energy drink, some energy bars, and some sandwiches.

Most of the ride was done on a Kuota Kueen-K timetrial bike with Zipp Sub9 and 1080 frontwheel. A fast bike and perfect for the flat course. As the backup I used a Kuota KOM roadbike with Zipp Zedtech 4+8 wheels. It was used during the flat and a few smaller sections to get into another riding position.

Even though the pace was high and the legs were strong the crewchief decided to stop the ride at the turnaround at Dragoer Fortress, due to some miner pains around the knees. The argument was that it is more important to be ready for a RAAM qualifier three weeks away.

All in all a good ride, and even if the double crossing wasn’t a success I am very happy about how well it went.


rain_clouds.jpg finish.jpg
In the Rain Success!