Congratulations to the team (Dr Mahesh Manwar 8X Mixed Team) of Dr Mahesh Sadashio Manwar, Dr Ashish Moreshwar Gawarshettiwar, Dr. Harshal Ashokrao Zopate, Dr Jaya Mahesh Manwar, Dr Atul Balmukund Mainde, Abhijit Haribhau Raut, and Suresh Krishnarao Bhusange, for their new WUCA World Record  on Dec, 14, 2022


Rider’s Narrative Summary

Our first attempt of cycling from North India to South India i.e. Kashmir to Kanyakumari ( 3665 Km).

We have completed our attempt within 6 days and 4 hour in record time. We have started our ride from Srinagar Kashmir at 7:00 a.m. on 8 December 2022. We have started our ride from very famous Lal chowk of Srinagar when we started our ride the temperature was about – 2 degree Celsius and nearby where was fog due to that visibility was very poor with this cycling ride. we wanted to salute our army and also want to establish new record for this ride we have use the bicycle of completely carbon make for calculating the distance we have used garmin Computer road map we also take care of our health for maintaining properly balance with the Fastup reloaded tablet disolved in drinking water also we take fresh fruit juice coconut water in diet we have boiled eggs potatoes means high protein diet to maintain the calories in this ride Indian roads are very good and beautiful they makeover cycling some easy almost all roads are having bypass so it it helps to maintain the speed the very difficult road is 140 km from the Srinagar because it is a mountain area and having a Ghat and was under construction because it was mountain area and having the heart also in Madhya Pradesh shivni the same trouble and got was there these roads are difficult for ride during this ride we wear aware of cyclone Mendos from Pandharkawada Maharashtra in face this effect of cyclone with heavy rain it affects our headwind and causes very much trouble for ride by all mean with facing all difficulties and travels. We reach at Kanyakumari on 14 December 2022@am near Vivekanand Rock memorial this way we completed our ride Successfully