Congratulations to Doug Chivington who set 2 Male 60-69 Standard bike records on Apr 16, 2021 at the Major Taylor Velodrome (in Indiana)  in the following distance and time categories:

Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles)
200 Kilometer outdoor velodrome 7:05:32 28.2 17.52
Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km)
6 Hour outdoor velodrome 106.39 171.219 17.73 28.54



Here is his ride report:

April 16, 2021

Doug Chivington

Outdoor Track 6 hour and 200K

60-69 Age Group

Exact Location:

Indy Cycloplex Major Taylor Velodrome, Indianapolis Indiana

What were the conditions like?

Conditions were 39 degrees as we started at 8:00a and in the afternoon reached 60.  Winds started coming from the North West at about 7-8 MPH and then shifted the last hour out of the South West as the day warmed up.   .

Why did you want to do a record?

I always had an interest in track riding and had an opportunity to watch Joe Lawhorn ride in Cleveland Ohio and started considering the possibility.   With some research I connected the potential for WUCA track records with the team at Indy Cycloplex.  After some successful practice sessions on the Major Taylor Velodrome and talking with my team we decided to give it a shot.

Team Chivington also uses events as fund raisers and we used this event to support a nonprofit organization called “Resurrecting Lives Foundation” that focuses on veterans PTSD and TBI recovery.  This event raised over $700 for our veterans.

What equipment did you use?

I rode Raleigh Professional Steel frame with a front aero wheel (Vision), Rear Disc Wheel (HED) and Campy equipped components.   Had a backup Fuji Track bike I borrowed from Joe Lawhorn in the event the cross winds reached a level of instability for the disc wheel.

What did you eat and drink?

Was all a liquid diet.  I drank Tri Fuel and Ensure with an occasional Coke thrown in.

What was the best part?

We had great support from the Indy Cycloplex Team and the facilities were World Class.   We were able to utilize a Wahoo GPS so our friends and family could follow our progress.   We also had the Ohio RAAM Show with live streaming and reporting during the event.    We had very little challenges and everyone worked well together for a nice result!

What was the worst part?

It was the wind conditions the second half of the event.   The inevitable fatigue and wind shifting from NW to SW the last several hours was the most challenging part.    Was not hateful but needed to adjust how to ride the track during the event with the wind changing.

Did anything unusual happen?

Two things:

We had a breaker kick out on the electrical outlet powering the lap computer.   The lap count computer died and took 4 laps for the team to figure it out.   Fortunately we were also using a manual lap counting process and recovered nicely.

In the Midwest we have this bird called a Killdeer.   A mother Killdeer bird had 3-4 babies and they were on the track running around turn 3 and 4.   Had to dodge the babies and avoid an upset mother bird protecting her young for a period of time.

Exact Finish location:

Major Taylor Velodrome