Congratulations to David Kiser for setting the male (60-69) -traditional bike for South Carolina S-N record.

He covered the 233.5 miles in 13 hours 52 at and average speed of 16.84 mph


Here is his account of his attempt:

Record – South Carolina S-N

Rider – David Kiser


Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute 

August 3rd, 2019 7:00pm EDT


Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot. 

Hwy 17 North at the Georgia/South Carolina border just north of Savannah,GA on the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.


What were conditions like? 


Conditions were ideal – temperatures in the mid-80s at the start, falling into the upper 70s overnight.  Wind was nearly non-existent except for the last 20-30 miles where we picked up a light headwind (5-10mph), although at that point in the attempt, it was greatly unwelcomed.   


Traffic was heavy for the first several miles heading north from Savannah.  There is a very limited shoulder on that section of the course. Only a mile or two into the attempt I had to pull over and stop in order to not impede traffic, but traffic thinned out the farther north we travelled.  Overall, the tarmac was in excellent condition (aside from the roadway in Columbia which I will discuss later…).  There were sections of fresh blacktop roadway that were like riding on a sheet of glass – it was awesome.  Expansion joints in other areas had to be “bunny-hopped” to avoid the jar and vibration being transferred through that carbon frame into my body … but overall, roadways were excellent.  Signage on the roads was excellent.  The route was simple – Hwy 17 to Hwy 321 north … period.  There was never a question about “where” we should turn.  South Carolina is a perfect place for this kind of event.  (Rider with a follow vehicle.)


We had signs on the follow vehicle that communicated what we were doing out on the road.  Several people took photos as they drove past – others shouted encouragement.  We were given wide berth by passing vehicles – it is the best I have been “treated” as a road cyclist.  Amazing (and grateful). 


Why did you want to do a record? 


We had lived in Texas for my entire cycling life but transferred to Charleston in January of this year (employer decision).  In Texas, ultra-events are plentiful – RAAM Challenge, Bessie’s Creek, Texas Ultra-Spirit, Texas Time Trials, No Country for Old Men (NCOM) … I was accustomed to having many opportunities in my home state to compete.  Things are different for roadies in South Carolina.  Actually, they are non-existent.  Mountain-biking and “gravel” events are the norm here.  The off-road venues here are really nice – trails and courses are well-kept and readily available – but I’m a roadie.  Trying to find pavement with a shoulder is nearly impossible.  Finding areas to train is quite challenging as well. So – the record attempt was a way to “create” my own “ultra” event. 


What equipment did you use? Anything special? 

2007 Trek Madone SL 5.9.  Hed Jet 5 wheels with Continental tires.


What did you eat & drink? 

Boost, bananas, RxBar, water (one gallon to be exact),  my crew chief’s homemade almond butter/oatmeal cookies, strawberries, E-Gel (goo packs).


What was the best part? 

Besides finishing safely, the best part was seeing the results of my training, and the teamwork of my amazing crew.  It’s a lot to ask to have someone “follow” you, navigate, and care for nutritional needs all night long !!!  We planned, we prayed, and executed the smoothest ultra-event I’ve ever been involved with.  No mechanical or navigation or weather-related issues, and we arrived safely in North Carolina.


What was the hardest part? 

The logistics of even this “small” event are still daunting.  As most ultra-folks know, getting to the start line is 50% of the effort – this attempt was no different.  The other “hard” part was the trip through Columbia.  Although the DOT did not list any construction happening on Hwy 321, the pavement in Columbia was horrible – the surface had been removed and “waffle-iron” concrete remained.  Large (and numerous) metal grates were all over the roadway and random orange cones were plentiful.  I knew we had left the city limits when the pavement returned.  That section was both painful and dangerous.



Did anything particularly unusual happen? 

We saw some “night-life … deer, fox, rabbits, coyote, red-tail hawk and a few snakes.  Although there wasn’t a “Deer Crossing” sign in the area, a deer ran across the road from left-to-right just in front of me.  I closed my eyes as I waited for impact – how I missed him (or he missed me) is still a mystery. J


Exact finish location described so that someone else could find the same spot. 

Hwy 321, just north of Bowling Green, SC;  at the North Carolina border (in front of the Marathon gas station).


Exact finish time

August 4rd, 2019 8:52am EDT