Celso Fonseca Outdoor Track Records

//Celso Fonseca Outdoor Track Records

Celso Fonseca Rider Narrative


  • 24 hour outdoor track
  • Celso Fonseca
  • 18/11/2017 – 19/11/2017
  • Maindy Centre cycle track in Cardiff
  • The conditions were cold, wet, icy and dark.
  • I wanted to achieve a record to inspire homeless people, and also people with mental health issues in order to help them achieve and overcome their adversities.
  • BMC-TIM2-TT bike
  • I ate energy bars and energy gels, I took electrolytes and salts from a company called ‘fekd’. Once my stomach was gone I started eating blended fruits and vegetable soups.
  • The best part was how the officials treated me, how encouraging and supportive they were, while also maintaining their professionalism. I received a lot of support from the crowd who gathered to cheer me on too!
  • The hardest part was a mixture of the poor weather conditions and cramping of my stomach after 9 continuous hours. This prevented me from being able to eat what I had prepared at the times I should have been eating.
  • I was aiming for one world record, and during the 24 hours I was being told I had achieved 5 world records. This was not only confusing but very encouraging. So when it felt like I was slowing down – to be told I’d achieved another record, and another kept me going.
  • I finished on the exact line that I started at 24 hours previously at Maindy Centre cycle track in Cardiff at 6:30pm on Sunday 19/11/2017.
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