Congratulation s to Anthony Lisinicchia for setting the Indiana S-N Record on 2018-09-29. He completed the 300 mile attempt in 16hours 39 minutes for a average speed of 18.08 mph

The following is a rider narrative summary of an attempt to set the World Ultracycling Association Point-to-Point
record for Indiana, South to North, by Anthony Lisinicchia. The ride began on September 29, 2018 at 7:17AM CST.
The ride started on Indiana State Highway 161 on the Indiana-Kentucky along the Ohio River.
The weather was near perfect. Despite a day long head wind (NNE 6mph, gusting to 10mph), the temperature was
ideal for riding. It was 58 degrees in the morning and the daytime high reached low 70s before falling again into
the mid-50s by midnight. The roads were in great shape. Shoulders varied greatly. Sometimes they were five feet
wide; other times they did not exist. A good portion of the roads had rumble strips. In the northern half of
Indiana, Hwy 43 and 421 both had sections of a rather rough type asphalt – almost like a mini cobblestone. I
could’ve done without that, especially late in the ride.
After qualifying for RAAM and setting the Illinois N-S WUCA record in 2008/2009, my wife and I moved and started
a family, putting my riding on a back burner. After suffering a 60% meniscus tear preparing for my “comeback” in
2014, I was sidelined another three years to recover from meniscus repair surgery. I spent 2016 regaining
strength, 2017 mastering the century, and 2018 “just seeing what happens.” I qualified for RAAM again in April of
this year and spent many months considering doing RAAM. After giving it much thought, I decided I needed to do
a little more proving to ensure I would be ready for that type of commitment; enter the record. My next step in
the proving process will be to complete the Indiana N-S-N next year. My hope is to be ready for RAAM by 2020.
I rode a 2015 Look 695 equipped with Campagnolo Record components, Zipp 404 wheelset with Powertap and
Bontrager Race XXXlite aerobars.
My diet was almost entirely liquid. I consume between 25 and 35 ounces of liquid per hour. The liquid is a
combination of water (Gatorade later in the ride) and a custom blended energy drink from Infinit Nutrition. They
are based out of Cincinnati and their product delivers on its promises. Other than that, I think I had one 20 oz Coke
and two Snickers bars. I only stopped once to use the bathroom. All my other stops were for stop signs, stop
lights, and to put on my night lighting. My total stop time was likely less than 15 minutes.
The best part was floating down the road with the wind in my ears and no pain on my body. What a feeling! It
was great to see my crew fall into their roles throughout the day. I shared my three rule mantra with them the
night before and they all took to the idea very well. Without them, this would have been next to impossible.
My three rule mantra was:
1. Stay on the bike.
2. Stay on pace.
3. Stay in the moment.
The hardest part came between miles 220 and 240ish when a slight miscalculation nearly led me to call it quits.
While my crew assured me everything was okay, I continued at a much higher pace than was needed. I was
pushing a speed which was causing me some issues. I knew I could hold it, but it was VERY uncomfortable. I had
been putting time on my goal all day, which was why I was perplexed about having to push the pace. About 15
miles later I knew something was off, so I pulled over to discuss. More than just a rounding error (although that
didn’t help) it took about 3 minutes of deep breathing and conscious conversation to realize we were way ahead of
the pace we needed to be and I could back down a bit. Hearing my crew chief say with a grin, “Well, I guess you
can slow down now!” was music to my ears.
Nothing unusual happened. No deer ran out in front of me. I dodged my share of road carcass and various motor
vehicle parts. I got more friendly honks and waves than unfriendly ones. I notified the Purdue Cycling team a
month ago I’d be riding through campus (I rode for Purdue for 4 years), but no one came out. Saturday night
priorities I guess. I’m sure they were studying, I know I would have been.
I finished on Hwy 12 at the Indiana-Michigan border, just north of Michigan City, IN.
Finish time: 11:55PM CST.