It’s with great pride that I am writing to you all to tell you about WUCA Women – The World Ultra Cycling Association’s Women’s Initiative.

Through our programme of events and other activities, it is our hope that we can raise the bar of women’s ultracycling even higher and across the world. Inspiration, education, information and encouragement are the four cornerstones of WUCA Women. To inspire more women into taking up ultracycling in all its forms, to educate and give them the knowledge to be the best ultracyclist they can be, to inform them about how to achieve their goals in ultracycling and finally to encourage our female ultracycling community to grow.

The initiative’s events programme will take three different forms;

“An Audience With…”

Stories from some of the most incredible and inspiring female ultracyclists in the world.

These women include overall transcontinental and major race winners, genderless world record and multi world record holders, and women who will make you rethink what female ultracyclists are capable of. Just some of the women that will be telling their stories include, Nancy Guth, Amanda Coker, Lael Wilcox, Maria Parker, Christie Tracy, Jen Orr and Elena Novikova. Together they represent decades and decades of experience and many hundreds of thousands of miles of riding.

While no two of these women have the same story, they all have one thing in common. They are inspirational.

WUCA members will be given priority to attend these events, however they are open to anyone who would like to attend, with the exception of some female only events due to expected demand. All attendees will be encouraged to ask our speakers their burning questions and for advice from these incredible ladies in a non-streamed event through Zoom.

“How To…”

Advice from experts that will allow us to focus on specific topics in more detail.

These events are aimed at supporting our members understand in a female specific way, areas such as nutrition and training, as well as giving us an insight into what makes a great crew member and an in-depth discussion about the nuts and bolts of setting a WUCA record.

One of the things that is incredible in ultracycling, is just what a huge part women play in supporting not just female riders, but male riders as well, so it is hugely exciting to hear from the women behind the riders who are true experts in their fields like Jillian Mooney.

We’ll also be talking about how to get involved in WUCA’s governance, explaining what this looks like in practice and bringing a greater understanding of why diversity in all aspects of ultracycling is so important in our board and committees.

“WUCA Member Networking Sessions”

Building links, sharing advice and helping connect riders, crew and officials.

We understand that we’re a global community, but as a sport, our sense of community is what makes us very special. The hope of our networking sessions is that it will allow our community to become more connected, so that we can learn about each other’s triumphs and achievements, share advice and support those who want to find a crew member, official, or rider to help break records and take part in races.
All of our events will be advertised on WUCA’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, with the dates and times of the events and details about how to register your place for them.

If you don’t have access to one of these platforms and would like to be told about events when they are announced, please contact to be sent notifications via email.

In addition to our event programme, I have the immense privilege to tell you about our new annual award, that is to be established as part of our first WUCA Women launch. The award is a lifetime membership for its recipient and the criteria for the award is an individual, who embodies the spirit of encouragement for female ultracyclists. It focuses on what the recipient has done to nurture women to take up ultracycling, how they’ve supported and empowered female ultracyclists and encouraged them to become part of the WUCA family.

The woman who this award is named after is the very definition of its criteria. Her years of experience as a rider have been channelled into service to WUCA, so much so, that she has expired the amount of time she could serve on the board of WUCA and previously the UMCA. You may remember her famous “Notes” in the WUCA magazine. The most incredible inspiration to any woman with aspirations of WUCA service, a touch point for so many female riders and her encouragement and support of them, is the reason why the award is so named, The Nancy Guth Award.

Finally, I would like to give a couple of notes of thanks to two incredible groups of people. To the women that said yes to being involved with the initiative, for agreeing to tell their stories and volunteering their time, thank-you – WUCA Women wouldn’t be what it is without you all saying yes. I’d also like to thank a group of very special men. Without their support for the foundation of WUCA Women, it just wouldn’t have been able to even be explored as an idea. Thank-you to the board for their unanimous support for the initiative.

I look forward to hearing all of your many stories, through the course of our events.

Yours sincerely,
Katharine Ford
WUCA Vice-President