Colin Anderson Delivers Two Track Records
“heh one has to put on a good show IF possible”
Rider: Colin Anderson, WUCA member #5933
Bicycle Category and Division: Standard Bicycle, mens 60-69
Race 12 Hour 24 Hour
Start date: January 19, 2013 at 1035 January 19, 2013 at 1035
End date: January 19, 2013 at 2235 January 20, 2013 at 1035
Elapsed time: 12 hours 24 hours
Distance, Average: 219.0109 mi (352.464 km), 18.25 mph (29.37 km/hr) 393.2545 mi (632.8818 km), 16.39 mph (26.37 km/hr)
Location: Feilding Velodrome, New Zealand
Officials: Christopher Keenan, Richard Sheehan, Marcus Ingley,
Austin Smith, Neil Vertongen, Gavin Donaldson,
Wayne Christian, Mark Robinson, Michael Burt
Crew Members: Wayne Fage, Mike Sturgess, John Lithgow,
Kevin Waters, John Burmeister, Christine Hughes-Anderson

By Colin Anderson

“Wal” is off!

Saturday, January 19th, started off with far too much wind and a tad coolish for an outdoor cycle so the decision was quickly made to attempt the existing 12 hour world record and hopefully complete the 24 hour Mark.

My earlier hopes of cycling 650km in my 65th year were really put on the backburner, NOT just for another day but never. By about the 8 hour point I was well in control and well ahead of the required speed to beat the existing record but the wind decided I was getting life too easy so proceeded to increase- of course forcing me to ride at as higher heart rate than really feasible- hence by the 10 hpur point I was now BEHIND the marker & attempting to crawl my way back into the range required to get ahead again. From this point Mike Sturgess (crew Chief) was really starting to panic & was busy rallying the other crew members to try & get me out of self cramping pity mode & RIDE hard. Well their comments worked and at the 12 hour point I was just over 1800 metres ahead of the existing record.

Kind help for the cramps

Getting me off the Pedal Pushers Carbon cycle was becoming quite a mission with my quads heaving with cramps. A 24 minute break here with massage and a few very cautious stretches had me back pedaling again—albeit with some trepidation: I wouldn’t wish those cramps on anyone.

All through the night

By about 4am, and some 16 hours of riding behind me the sky decided to drop down moisture. Fortunately it was not heavy, but still a good test for my new Pro Race 4 tyres. The remainder of the ride was just spent trying to keep a steady pace up, without the dreaded cramp taking hold again. The final 3 hours seemed to never end, the 2 minute call from support crew was a blessing and not wishing to appear too exhausted I managed to post the two fastest laps during that last segment, so all was good. (I am suffering though, from that increased sprint effort, but heh one has to put on a good show IF possible)

A total distance of 632 km plus a bit cycled: not too far off my original target of 650km. This was before I read of the WUCA records which brought my attention to an additional challenge within a challenge.

There were lots of rules by which to abide, but being a World record that is just how it should be: a level playing field. I was really spoiled with the quality of my officials who all sat and passed the WUCA tests. I want to thank my Support crews, the timing assistance from Tim Gibbes, PNCC, Destination Manawatu (advertising display), @ I centre, Manawatu district council, Ian Gray of Feilding Cycling, and Glenys Taylor, Section Manager at Bike Manawatu.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend.