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Marko Baloh 24 Hour


When I was standing on the startline of my first 24 hours on the bike eight years ago, I couldn't have imagined what will I be doing eight years later. On 9th-10th September 2000 I set the RAAM qualification and the Slovenian record at that time of 753km. In the meantime there came three solo RAAMs and one RAAM in two person team (a victory this year with my friend Tomaz), a few more victories in ultracycling races and lots of records. My progression in this years was huge and in the last years one of my greatest goals was [...]

Marko Baloh 24 Hour2017-08-31T00:48:31-07:00

Amanda Coker 100,000 Mile record


Why did you want to do a record? After I competed at Sebring in the 12 hour race, several fellow cyclists mentioned that I could break the women's HAMR record. Having averaged 100 mile rides multiple times a week I felt I could push to excel proving to myself I had the capability to reach the current record of 29,603.7 miles in 365 days. Coming to the end of my HAM'R attempt my parents and I decided to continue on to the 100,000 miles since I "only" had less than 14,000 miles to go.    What equipment did you use? [...]

Amanda Coker 100,000 Mile record2017-08-30T23:58:50-07:00

Larry Oslund – 100 KM & 100 Mile Outdoor Track Record Attempt – Aug 6, 2017


This is my personal account of my quest to set the WUCA 100 KM and 100 Mile Outdoor Recumbent Track (50-59 age group) record on August 6, 2017. There were no current records for my age group and bicycle classification, so whatever time I rode would set a record. Still, I wanted it to be ‘worthy’ of being called a record so I was not embarrassed, if you know what I mean! I had my eye on WUCA’s all-time “fastest” Century for any unfaired bike for any age or bike classification. That record is Michael Secrest’s time of 3:46:16 set [...]

Larry Oslund – 100 KM & 100 Mile Outdoor Track Record Attempt – Aug 6, 20172017-08-28T02:46:00-07:00

Paul Carpenter Sacramento-Carson City


State Capital To State Capital Record Attempt I had the pleasure of spending three days with fellow ultracyclists Chris Davies, Robert Baldino, and Ken Van Dyke talking bikes and ultra racing and looking to set WUCA state capital to state capital records, in this case, Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV. For those not familiar with this category, as the title specifies, records can be established between state capitals in each direction and for the out and back combined (double crossing). The plan was for Chris to ride Tuesday with me as official and Robert and Kevin as crew and [...]

Paul Carpenter Sacramento-Carson City2017-08-28T02:16:18-07:00

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records


Online at: It starts with having the right crew. Record Attempt: WUCA Capital to Capital (to Capital) Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV and back to Sacramento, CA Rider: Mark Christopher Davies, Solo Male 40-49 Crew: Robert Baldino, Kevin Van Dyke Official: Paul Carpenter Ride times: Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV (S -> N), Aug 8, 2017, 00:09a to Aug 8, 2017, 10:27, 10 hours, 18 minutes, 147.1 miles, 12725’ of climbing, Carson City, NV to Sacramento, CA, (N -> S), Aug 8 2017, 11:10a to Aug 8, 2017, 21:56, 10 hours, 46 minutes, 147.3 miles, 8256’ [...]

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records2020-03-03T04:51:39-08:00
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