Just a little toasty today. 14 bottles worth.
At mile 31, I stupidly bunny hopped a crappy wooden bridge and immediately regretted it. My back tire caught the edge at speed and went soft quickly after. By then the heat, humidity and mosquitoes were unbearable. A quick tube change and a co2 inflation was welcome. Unfortunately, the tube immediately started spewing air from the rim within a minute. In hindsight, I likely over inflated. Down to one spare tube and co2. My attitude quickly deflated at this point. I changed the tube and started to consider turning back since that would be the smart thing to do. Well my bike brain kicked in, and I soldiered on instead.
Around mile 40 I hit a hidden dip in the pavement and came down on hard on my seat on the trailing edge of the hole. This resulted in a loud bang and I thought I actually broke something. However it ended up being my seat clamp must have loosened up just enough to let the back of the seat drop down which for a short period of time was actually comfortable because I changed my position and it took some pressure off my sit bones. However the seat progressively drop down even more as I pedaled and eventually the front of the seat was pointing almost straight up. I had to stop and yank up on it to get it fairly close because I had no tools. More on that later. Once I made it to the halfway point I plugged in my Garmin and plugged in my phone but I quickly realized my phone charger was not the correct one and I was down to 30%. I stopped at one convenience store for a card and I realized my seat had dropped down again so I made an adjustment. I had to go to a second store to get the correct cord. Fortunately my seat held up for a while and I stopped at one of the emergency stands where I was able to loosen the clamp and then tighten the clamp in a proper position which ended up lasting the rest of the way home.
I drank a total of one full bottle right before I left the house and 14 more bottles on the ride. I really had hoped to get the 200 mi in within 12 hours elapsed time but that did not happen. The weather plus the couple hiccups along the way really affected my progress.
7.4 new miles

— From Wandrer.earth
— myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -1.7%
Headwind: 54% @ 0.3-10.8mph
Longest Headwind: 03h 31m 27s
Air Speed: 15.8mph
Temp: 71.9-88.8°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —