As a non-profit global organization, WUCA gets its primary financial support from our members’ annual dues and application fees for specific record attempts.

When you join WUCA, you help us develop and grow the sport, create more tools for athletes and their crews, improve race events, and build the global tribe of athletes, coaches, crews and officials that make this amazing sport succeed.

Membership Benefits

Here are just a few of the terrific reasons to join WUCA

  • Educational resources and invaluable tools, including:
    • our new Member Forum (sharing training, nutrition, equipment, and racing knowledge and skills)
    • Model checklists for you and your crew on how to prepare for—and compete—in ultracycling races
    • A curated collection of online websites, videos and resources (we do the searching so you don’t have to!)
  • More and more race organizers are offering WUCA members early registration, before registration is opened to the general public.
  • Winners in WUCA championships receive appropriate custom-designed jerseys on the podium (!) and winners in annual global competitions receive customized medals (at our cost) and digital certificates of achievement.

Membership Types

Membership is open to any athlete with a bicycle. Annual membership is good for one calendar year and is priced at the same price for any member anywhere in the world.

Memberships are not pro-rated for mid-year new members or renewals.

Special membership promotions are occasionally offered to increase membership. In 2019, for example, special discounts were offered to junior cyclists.

To help athletes succeed, WUCA also offers a no-fee membership to your crew members (so they can also access membership resources to help them succeed!) and race organizers. A reduced rate is also availabe to those volunteering to witness and officiate at record attempts. Note, a separate paid membership is required for any crew members, officials or organizers wishing to compete in WUCA competitions.