Ultracycling is more than just a long bike ride. Ultracycling invites an athlete to find their very best inside themselves while riding their bicycle.

Ultracycling is for the professionals, competitive amateurs, and newbies trying to complete a personal best.

Why do Ultracycling?

Across hundreds of sucessful athletes, we know the qualities that motivate someone to start-and remain an Ultracyclist:

  • You love your bicycle! Whether its a multi-speed road or time trial bike, a fixed speed, a recumbent, a hand-cycle, or a tandem, you find joy everytime you ride.
  • You seek challanges–tests of your spirit and fitness that demand you to go beyond what you think is possible.
  • You are conmpetitive both with yourself and other athletes.

Every one of our members begin by choosing one goal, and then selecting another goal. A bit longer in distance, a bit faster in speed, a bit further in distance. Its just the nature of ultracyclists to just go a bit farther and often a bit faster with each new challenge.

WUCA will help you find and achieve your goals.