Congratulations to Utkarsh Verma and Shubham Gupta who set the Unsupported Male Tandem, Standard 18-49 record for the Circumnavigation of the Indian Golden Quadrilateral on Jan 3, 2024

Here are the official way-points:

Way Points est Km between way-points est cumm Km
Daffi Toll Plaza Varanasi ( Uttar Pradesh) 0
Barhi (Jharkhand) 282.58 283
Kanksa(West Bengal) 237.45 520
Kharagpur (West Bengal) 248.86 769
Bhadrak (Odisha) 196.26 965
Balugaon (Odisha) 228.64 1194
Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) 223.69 1417
Tuni (Andhra Pradesh) 205.63 1623
Hanuman junction (Andhra Pradesh) 211.87 1835
Chilakaluripeta (Andhra Pradesh) 144.28 1979
Chillakur (Andhra Pradesh) 241.6 2221
Poonamallee (Tamil Nadu) 140.03 2361
Katpadi (Tamil Nadu) 129.87 2491
Shoolagiri (Tamil Nadu) 159.53 2650
Tumkur (Karnataka) 146.96 2797
Byadagi (Karnataka) 231.72 3029
Kitturu (Karnataka) 160.65 3190
Karad (Maharashtra) 203.68 3393
Pune city (Maharashtra) 157.1 3550
Vasai-Virar (Maharashtra) 171.2 3722
Chikhli (Gujarat) 185.81 3907
Karjan (Gujarat) 167 4074
Prantij (Gujarat) 220.68 4295.12
Griwa,Udaipur (Rajasthan) 178.54 4473.66
Banera, Jaswantpura (Rajasthan) 203.24 4677
Mauzamabad,Mokhampur (Rajasthan) 177.14 4854
Behror (Rajasthan) 168.38 5022
Palwal (Haryana) 193.3 5216
Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) 85.51 5301
Etawah (Uttar Pradesh) 176.68 5478
Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) 175.76 5654
Daffi Toll Plaza Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) 310.91 5965

INDIAN GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL – Fastest Tandem Cycling (Male) (03rd Dec 2023 TO 3rd Jan 2024) BY Utkarsh Verma & Shubham Gupta  

We have successfully completed in 31 Days 2 Hours 22 Minutes 40 Seconds. The distance travelled by me on cycle from Daffi Toll Plaza,  Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Aurangabad ,Dhanbad, 

via Kolkata,Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar, Nellore, Chennai, Banglore  ,Mumbai, Vadodara, New Delhi, Mathura, Agra back to Daffi Toll  Plaza Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) was 5964.58 km (3706.22 miles) along with a cumulative elevation gain of 24064m (78,950 feet). 

Introduction Utkarsh Verma is a 28 year’s old Indian citizen (Date of Birth – 27 September 1995) 

Shubham Gupta is a 22 year’s old Indian citizen(15 November 2001). We both attempted to set the record for the fastest time to travel the Indian  Golden Quadrilateral (men) by Tandem bicycle. I started from Daffi Toll Plaza  Varanasi on 3 December 2023 at 6:02Am and crossed the entire Indian  Golden Quadrilateral via Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai and reached back to  the same place on 3 January 2024 at 08:24Am. 

The Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) is the largest express highway project in India. It  connects India’s four largest metropolises: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai,  and thus, forms a quadrilateral of sorts. Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Surat  are also served by this network. 

Most Busiest road of India in route  

1.Mumbai to Vadodara 

2. Kishangarh to Jaipur  

3. Rewari to new Delhi . 

We both had to face a lot of problems. 

Like broken spoke, broken crank, broken rim, loose chain, many punctures & tire  cuts. 

Bike Polygon Impression 2 was used in this campaign This ride is accomplished on  a very entry level Tandem bike without any modifications. Bike is priced at 58,000  indian rupees that is approx 700 US dollars. Bike frame has a weight of around 24  kgs and it was 12 kgs of bike bags and other accessories fitted on to the bike  

making it 36 kgs. 

The Journey – Indian Golden Quadrilateral  

Day 1 – (3 December 2023 ) Daffi Toll Plaza Varanasi (Uttar  Pradesh) to Barhi (Jharkhand) We started the journey at 6:02  in the morning, there was a lot of fog and it continued till about 11  o’clock.While climbing at night around 8:30 suddenly the front tire  

got punctured, then we made the puncture there with the front  light of the cycle. Covered 282.58km and also climbed 1000m. 

Day2 (4 December 2023) Barhi (Jharkhand) to Kanksa ( West  Bengal) 

The journey started at 5:25 in the morning and the rolling hills  started and after seeing the highest mountain of Jharkhand,  Parasnath Parvat, it seemed as if heaven was visible. Covered 237.45km and also climbed 1279m.

Day3 (5 December 2023 ) Kanksa (West Bengal) To Kharagpur  (West Bengal) 

Starting the journey at 4:57 am, we saw ongoing construction on the  highway and also saw 140 km of twisty and gravel roads where  cycling was difficult. Covered 248.86km . 

Day4 (6 December 2023) Kharagpur (West Bengal) To Bhadrak  (Odisha) 

As soon as we both entered Odisha, it started raining lightly. Due to rain, we were able to cover 196.26 kilometers. 

Day5 (7 December 2023) Bhadrak (Odisha) to Balugaon  (Odisha) 

We both started the morning at 6:37am and reached Bhubaneswar.  We got our 22 bikes serviced at the shop or changed parts like New bottom bracket, connecting chain lost, chain cut or handle grip  changed. 

Then we met some friends who gave us chocolate or electrolyte to  keep us going. Here and there we reach Balugaon which is near  Chilika Lake. Chilika Lake lives up to its reputation as the most  picturesque spot and being Asia’s largest salt-water lagoon. While  the lake is a beauty in itself, there are several places around its  proximity which are worthwhile to visit as well. We covered 228.64  kilometers. 

Day6 (8 December 2023) Balugaon (Odisha) To Srikakulam  (Andhra Pradesh) 

We started the ride in the morning at 6:24am whether it was sunny  or clear which made us quite hot by afternoon or Shubham started 

having cramps then he drank coconut water and drank 2 coconut  water and then took electrolyte tablets for 2 hours. The body is  normal. 

It was 12 o’clock In the night when we reached Srikakulam. Our distance to Srikakulam is 223.69km. 

Day7 (9 December 2023) Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) To  Tuni (Andhra Pradesh) 

As soon as we left from Srikakulam the vase got punctured, then the  puncture was fixed or the cycle ride was started as the heat  increased whether again the puncture was done. we covered  205.63km 

Day8 (10December 2023) Tuni (Andhra Pradesh) To  Bapulapadu (Andhra Pradesh) 

We were so thankful that body recovery was not happening  properly because we used to sleep at the bus stand or we were not  able to sleep well there. Even then we covered 211.87km distance. 

Day 9 (11 December 2023) Bapulapadu (Andhra Pradesh) To  Chilakaluripeta (Andhra Pradesh) 

Reached Vijayawada by getting cycle service done or fixing the  bottom bracket or connecting chain of the bike. Then by 10 o’clock  in the night we reached Chilakaluripeta and by that time we had  covered 144.28km. 

Day10 (12 December 2023) Chilakaluripeta (Andhra Pradesh)  To Chillakur( Andhra Pradesh) 

We started the journey at 12:15 am and by the time the morning  light came we had covered 90km. We started at night so that we 

could not cover too much distance as the sun was rising and the  hand or leg was become completely Tanning . Then at night we saw  Macdonald there who had eaten 2 burgers or 4 ice-creams and was  feel much better. 

We covered 243.1km distance. 

Day11 (13 December 2023) Chillakur (Andhra Pradesh) To  Poonamallee (TamilNadu) 

We started the ride at 1:48 in the night but after 30km we both  suddenly fell asleep then we parked the cycle at the bus stop or  slept. Then at 6am in the morning when we started the ride the  connecting crank broke at 31.40km and the ride started again.  

Stopped again, loaded the cycle on the car and went to 5AM bike  shop in Chennai for service by installing a new crank or pedal and  the bike became a little better.When we reached Madhavaram  (Chennai), there was no hotel available so we planned to go here. We fell asleep, Utkarsh sat down for 12km cycle then saw the coffee  shop and drank 2 black coffees and got some sleep. Despite all this  problem, we covered 140.03km. 

Day12 (14 December 2023) Poonamallee (Tamil Nadu) To  Vellore (Tamil Nadu) 

Started from Poonamallee at 3:12am, the cycle was not moving or  there was so much traffic that we could not even cycle, then near  Kanchipuram the crank broke again, how could we take the cycle to  DSMR cycle which was at the shop of Kanchipuram. Here we  installed front crank 40 teeth or back crank 42 teeth, we did not get  any cycle parts, hence we had to move forward in any case, when we  reached Vellore, a sound started coming from the wheel on the  brigade, the wheel started off Rotation and it was 6pm in the 

evening. That night we went to the INR cycle shop where we  switched the wheel. We covered 129.87km. 

Day13 (15 December 2023) Vellore (Tamil Nadu) To Shoolagiri  (Tamil Nadu) 

We left Vellore for cycle service. 

Or I was inspired to meet my respected madam from Schoolgiri and  realized that we were not alone on the highway. 

Whenever we meet such people on the highway, it feels good. There was no hotel in Shoolagiri, so we slept at the Indian Oil Petrol  Pump. We covered 159.53 kilometers of the day. 

Day14 (16 December 2023) Shoolagiri (Tamil Nadu) To  Tumkur (Karnataka) 

Left from Shoolagiri at 5am in the morning, reached Bangalore and  took a new wheel on the back of the Tandem. Then after moving  from Bangalore towards Tumkur, our distance covered till Tumkur  was 146.97km. 

Day15 (17 December 2023) Tumkur (Karnataka) To Byadagi  Ranebennur (Karnataka) 

Our cycle from Tumkur also rode well and the body responded well. 231.72km distance covered till Ranebannuru. 

Day16 (18 December 2023) Byadagi Ranebannuru (Karnataka) To  M.K. Hubli, Kittur (Karnataka) 

Ranebannuru to M.K. Hubli 

We were not able to find a hotel in Hubli, we stayed at a petrol pump for  the night. I rode the bicycle till 160.65 km and also climbed 1047

Day17 (19 December 2023) M.K. Hubli (Karnataka) To Karad(  Maharashtra) 

We covered the entire Western Ghats route from Hubli to Karad  including climb and distance covered 203.68km and elevation 1370m. 

Day18 (20 December 2023) Karad (Maharashtra) To Pune  (Maharashtra) 

The challenge was that it was becoming difficult to ride the cycle in the  middle of the heat or the cycle started making noise. We reached the  cycle again and covered 157.1km which included 1255m elevation. 

Day19 (21December 2023) Pune (Maharashtra) To Vasai-Virar  (Maharashtra) 

50km after leaving Pune, we got downhill to Bad Khandala and our  cycle was not breaking. 

After doing 2km downhill, we walked 8km. Till Vasai-Virar we covered  171.28km at 988m elevation. 

Day20 (22 Decembe 2023) Vasai-Virar (Maharashtra) 

To Chikhli (Gujarat ) 

We left Vasai-Virar at 10 o’clock in the morning or we started feeling  sleepy or the heat also subsided. 

Till evening again puncture was done. Chikhli till then covered  185.81km in which elevation 1063m.

Day21 (23 December 2023) Chikhli (Gujarat) To Karjan (Gujarat) 167.03km 

Day22 (24 December 2023) Karjan (Gujarat) To Prantij (Gujarat) 178.54km  

Day23 (25 December 2023) Prantij (Gujarat) To Girwa, Udaipur  (Rajasthan) 

As soon as we left Prantij the temperature suddenly went up which  made us worry whether we were cycling or climbing too much. We  had covered the distance. 

178.54 Km. 1455 meter height. 

Day24 (26 December 2023) Girwa,Udaipur (Rajasthan) To Banera  ,Bhilwara (Rajasthan) 203.24km  

Day25 (27 December 2023) Banera ,Bhilwara (Rajasthan) To  Mauzamabad, Mokhampur (Rajasthan) 177.14Km 

Day26 (28 December 2023) Mauzamabad, Mokhampur (Rajasthan)  To Behror (Rajasthan) 168.38km  

Day27 (29 December 2023) Behror (Rajasthan) To Palwal (Haryana)  

As soon as we left Behror, the fog was completely gone and there  was light sunshine after about 4 o’clock. After leaving Delhi it was  around 9 pm and reached Palwal at 11:30 pm. 

Our distance till Palwal was 193.3km.

Day28 ( 30 December 2023) Palwal ( Haryana) To Mathura ( Uttar  Pradesh) 

Plawal to Mathura 85.51km 

Or Mathura cracked my wheel and then Shubham stayed in hotel or  took the main wheel and got a new wheel ready. 

Then I went to Mathura by bus. 

DAY29 (31 December 2023) Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) To Etawah  (Uttar Pradesh) 

There would be a puncture 5km ahead of Mathura. 

Then after reaching Agra, did cycle service and installed a new  connecting chain. Foggy whether it was the whole day. 

He reached Etawah and then got puncture at 10 pm. Still covered  176.68km. 

Day30 (01 January 2024) Etawah (Uttar Pradesh) To Kanpur (Uttar  Pradesh) 


Day31 (02 January 2024) Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) To Daffi Toll Plaza  Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) 

They have come to welcome the family or office at Daffi Toll Plaza.  As we continued to ride, the fog and snow increased during the night. 

Still completed Daffi Toll Plaza at 8:24am in the morning after  covering 310.91km.