At the end of last year, when the Board approved changes to the World Cup and Ultra Cup calculations to take into account the average speed across a specific set of race distances, there was significant feedback concerning participation in a large proportion of  events on the Calendar which would no longer accumulate Cup “points”.

This was also noted by the Calendar Team, who had spent many months compiling the huge selection of events on the Calendar and were disappointed to think that their efforts, and the efforts of all of the members racing in ultracycling disciplines outside of Centuries, 6 Hour, 12 Hour, 24 Hour, 500 Miles and over 1000 Miles, would go unheeded with the new format.

We have listened to the feedback and a solution was proposed to and approved by the Board, whereby ALL races on the calendar would contribute to two additional competitions. The first is a Mile Eater competition, which ranks racers on the total number of miles covered in Calendar events. The second rewards total time in the saddle in Calendar events and has been named the Hard Ass competition.

These competitions have now been configured on our website and the Results Team will continue to add in any results from members racing in Calendar events and generating the rankings.

The full set of Racing and Personal Challenges can be found here.

Happy racing!