Wolfgang Fasching – Europe S-N 2019-08-05 thru 2019-08-16

Congratulations to Wolfgang Fasching who covered the 5656 Km distance from Gilbralter to Nordkapp  in 10d 21hr 48mi 19.79 kph or 12.3mph

Rider Information

Rider Name: Wolfgang Fasching
Age: 52
Age Group: Men 50-59
Rider Hometown: Naukirchen
Rider Country: Austria
Rider Website: Link

Record Information

Record Type: City to City
Record City to City: Gibraltar, UK - Nordkapp, Norway
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2019-08-06
Record End Date: 2019-08-16

Record Statistics

Start Point: Trinity House Lighthouse, Europa Point, Gibraltar; coordinates: GX11 1AA, Gibraltar
End Point: Nordkapp, 9764 Nordkapp, Norwegen , iron globe statue, on a stone platform
Distance (km): 5656
Time (days:hours:minutes): 10:21:48
Speed (miles/hour): 12.30
Speed (km/hour): 19.79

Extra Information

Officials: David Jakubik, Gunter W eixlbaumer
Crew: Pascal Kopec, Kinzlbauer Markus
Notes: Am amazing cross Europe record by Wolfgang!
Report: report