Phil Fox – 7-day – HWMR – non-drafting record – 2022-06-20

Congratulations to Phil Fox for setting a new 7-day record in the HWMR categories of 18-49, upright bike, non-drafting.

This was done during the first 7-days of 2022 RAAM event

Rider Information

Rider Name: Phil Fox (non-drafting)
Age: 39
Age Group: Men 18-49
Rider Hometown: Chicago, IL
Rider Country: US

Record Information

Record Type: HWMR
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2022-06-14
Record End Date: 2022-06-20

Record Statistics

Distance (miles): 1939.15
Distance (km): 3130.26
Speed (miles/hour): 11.54
Speed (km/hour): 18.58

Extra Information

Officials: RAAM officials, Larry Oslund
Crew: Phil Parker, William Edwards, Sarah Rice, Demian March, Brian Morgan, Chuck Judy, Tony Moguel, Emily Gunnels, Donny Gunnels
Notes: Great 1st 7 days of RAAM by Phil to set the 7-day non-drafting HWMR record
Report: report