Marko Baloh – 24 Hour Road Record – July 26 2020

Congratulation to Marko Baloh and his team for breaking the existing 24 Hour record in the following Category: Solo, Male (50-59), Standard Bike.

Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) new record
24 Hour Road 532.021 856.206 22.17 35.68 Marcello Danese: 2019:08-23 : 466.838 Miles yes


Rider Information

Rider Name: Marko Baloh
Age: 53
Age Group: Men 50-59
Rider Hometown: Ljubljana
Rider Country: Slovenia

Record Information

Record Type: Timed
Record Timed: 24 Hour Road
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2020-07-25
Record End Date: 2020-07-26

Record Statistics

Distance (miles): 532.021
Distance (km): 856.206
Speed (miles/hour): 22.17
Speed (km/hour): 35.68

Extra Information

Officials: Mira Gasparic,, Anna Mei
Crew: Irma Baloh, Andrej Petrovic, Robert Kardinar, Rok Horvat
Notes: Amazing display of power in the 50-59 age group - 12 new records
Report: report