Joe Barr Ireland North-South

Congratulations! Your three new records are now officially certified by World UltraCycling Association (WUCA).

Rider Information

Rider Name: Joe Barr
Age: 58
Age Group: Men 50-59
Rider Hometown: Londonderry
Rider Country: UK

Record Information

Record Type: Cross Country
Record Country: Ireland
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2017-11-03
Record End Date: 2017-11-04

Record Statistics

Direction: N-S
Start Point:
End Point:
Distance (miles): 368
Time (days:hours:minutes): 00:23:04
Speed (miles/hour): 15.95

Extra Information

Officials: Ian Struthers, Mark Beggs
Crew: Alan Hamilton, Andrew Campbell, Jillian Mooney
Notes: Note: These three records by Joe Barr beat his own existing best times: Ireland N-S: 23:20 in 2015 (Joe beat his previous best by 16 minutes.) Ireland S-N: 25:40 in 2015 (Joe beat his previous best by 5 minutes!) Ireland N-S-N: 49:00 in 2015 (Joe beta his previous best by 39 minutes.) Also, Joe now has a better time than the 18-49 age category records, all of which are held by Ricky Geoghegan. Geoghegan’s records will remain due to category differences.
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