Gibson, Fawcett, Denton, and Cass – 4x team Great Britain S-N (LEJOG) Record June 30 2021

Congratulations to the team InternationElles:  Louise Gibson, Jessica Fawcett, Rhian Denton, and  Jules Cass for their new 4-person team WUCA World Records on 2021-06-28

Team Information

Team Name: InternationElles

Name Age Hometown Country Bike Type
Louise Gibson
Jessica Fawcett
Rhian Denton
Jules Cass
Team Age Group: Women 18-49
Team Category: 4x Relay
Team Website: Link

Record Information

Record Type: Cross Country
Record Country: United Kingdom
Record Category: 4x Relay
Record Start Date: 2021-06-28
Record End Date: 2021-06-30

Record Statistics

Direction: S-N
Start Point: Lands End signpost
End Point: John O'Groats signpost
Distance (miles): 848.3
Distance (km): 1365.21
Time (days:hours:minutes): 01:22:03
Speed (miles/hour): 18.42
Speed (km/hour): 29.64

Extra Information

Officials: Amy Dunwell, Daisy Wilkinson
Crew: George Galbraith, Rob Vardeman, Jordan Addison, Daniel Roberts Clarke, Francis Cade
Notes: Fantastic new 4-woman record on one of the most famous routes in the world! - also known as LEJOG
Report: report