AUSTRIA – W – E – Roland – Schell

/AUSTRIA – W – E – Roland – Schell

AUSTRIA – W – E – Roland – Schell

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Rider Information

Rider Name: Roland Schell
Age: 56
Age Group: Men 50-59
Rider Hometown: Ulm
Rider Country: Germany

Record Information

Record Type: Cross Country
Record Country: Austria
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Faired Recumbent Tricycle (HPV)
Record Start Date: 2015-09-19
Record End Date: 2015-09-20

Record Statistics

Direction: W-E
Start Point: AUSTRIA - WEST - Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria, parking 100 meters on left after village sign
End Point: AUSTRIA - EAST - Nickelsdorf, Biergenland, Austria, place opposite mayor
Distance (miles): 431.98
Distance (km): 696.2
Time (days:hours:minutes): 00:20:55
Speed (miles/hour): 20.65
Speed (km/hour): 33.24

Extra Information

Officials: Tim Botzelmann, Frank Rose
Crew: Esayas Micael, Patrick Flé, Jessica Miller, Hubert Englmann
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