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Vacas Road 1000km 2011 Record Report

Vacas Breaks 1000 km Road Record Racer Prevails Over the Elements in Spain “…the weirdest and most difficult thing to

McGehee Road 100 2011 Record Report

100 Mile Road Record Falls McGehee Pays Attention to all the Details and Prevails “I’m a psycho over the aerodynamic

Eddlemon Track 2007

Outdoor Track Bicycle Record 100-mile, 200-mile and 12-hour “How did I keep my sanity whipping around a steeply banked concrete

Florence Bradley Alabama West-East Record

“I really wanted to set a record to show it was possible for me to reach peak condition again at

Blue Ridge Parkway Record (S-N) – 2000

Poetry in Motion “The Against All Odds Blue Ridge Parkway Record Setting Hospice Fund Raising Prayer Meetin’ Ride “ Rider:
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