World Ultracycling Association encourages all athletes and race organizers to comply with all applicable local regulations and guidelines for protecting themselves and others during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Races, group rides, and any other activities that may increase the risks of transmission should not be scheduled or conducted except with careful adherence to those regulations and guidelines. Race organizers and athletes are solely responsible for their participation and conduct at all times.

Policies and Rules

One of the key services performed by WUCA is authoring and maintaining the rules for ultracycling competitions, setting world records, and competing for WUCA awards.  The relevant rules can be accessed by members and race organizers under the respective sub-headings. Current rules include:

  • Rules for WUCA Annual Competitions (World Cup, Year-Rounder, Highest Mileage, Challenge Series)
  • Rules for Setting World Records and WUCA Records
  • Recommended Rules for Ultracycling Races