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Mid Atlantic Ultra 12, 2023


We feature a non drafting 24 hour RAAM qualifier race and a drafting 12 hour race, along with a 100 Mile Race. A non competitive century ride is also an option for those looking to enjoy a more leisurely pace. The 26 mile loop will take you through rural areas of Beaufort County. We are located in the coastal region of North Carolina. This is an extremely flat course! It is the perfect venue for riders that are self supported. You are allowed to park your vehicle inside the secure "Bus" parking lot. This is what serves as the Start/Finish [...]

Mid Atlantic Ultra 12, 20232023-08-04T09:12:37-07:00

K2K – Kashmir to Kanyakumar, 2023


K2K has been called the Journey Extraordinaire, A grueling journey that stretches approximately 3,600 kilometers from the northern most state of India “Kashmir” to the Southernmost tip of India called Cape Comorin and later named also as Kanyakumari. The journey from sky to the ocean begins 12,000 feet up in the Himalayas and finishes at Cape Comorin/Kanyakumari, the confluencing town of Bay of Bengal, adjoining the Indian Ocean and Arabian sea. The route includes pre-planned overnight locations with ultra-distance days between each one.

K2K – Kashmir to Kanyakumar, 20232023-07-18T09:23:24-07:00
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