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Rad am Ring (Nurbergring 24hr), 2024


On Saturday, July 20, things heat up on the Nürburgring. Road cyclists, mountain bikers, racers and 24-hour cyclists… they can all let off steam on the Formula 1 asphalt today. It is recommended finding a place to watch near the start and finish stretches, just a few meters from the stage and the Expo. Starting from 11:30 a.m. thousands of athletes will gather on the starting stretch for the Grand Départ. At half past noon, the fast road riders first dash across the starting line to burn their races of 25, 75 or 150 kilometers into the tarmac, before the [...]

Rad am Ring (Nurbergring 24hr), 20242024-05-12T16:56:39-07:00

Race Around Poland 2024 – World Ultracycling Championships


The RAP is a combination of two worlds-supported cycling races and unsupported bike marathons. Both options are available. You can ride solo or in a team. The route of the race runs along the Polish border and is about 3600 km long and 30,000 meters of elevation in total. The minimum distance to finish the race is 300 km with the line at the first time station in Hrubieszo's. Each next 300 km is another finish line, but the goal of the participants is of course, the full loop 3600 km! Our Motto is: "Race for all, Around for the [...]

Race Around Poland 2024 – World Ultracycling Championships2024-04-24T02:27:44-07:00

Roughneck Gravel Roubaix – The McKinney 250


The Roughneck Gravel Roubaix that was founded in 2022 and is going into it's third year as an event.  Many of completed the 100 mile distance, have asked us to add an Ultra, so we have created this for 2024 and beyond.  In the first year the event will be a 250 mile gravel road ultra, boasting >85% gravel, beautiful climbs in and out of the Allegheny River Valley and the Valley that changed the world.  The host town Titusville Pennsylvania is one of the most historical towns in the world that you may have never heard of.  Titusville is [...]

Roughneck Gravel Roubaix – The McKinney 2502024-04-06T05:38:02-07:00

Calvin’s Challenge 100 mile


3 categories; drafting starts at 11am. Non-drafting starts at 1200pm. Team drafting teams of 2-8 riders starts at 11am. https://www.bikereg.com/calvins-challenge-2024    

Calvin’s Challenge 100 mile2024-02-06T14:29:35-08:00
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