As a global organization, WUCA serves members in locations with broadly varying travel restrictions. We respect the difficult positions that event organizers find themselves in and the decisions that each must make regarding cancellation or postponement. The impacts to many of our seasons have been drastic, but we must appreciate that others face much greater loss. We’d like to do what we can to make this period as accommodating as possible, and to that end, below are a few suggestions for continued riding and a modification to one of the WUCA challenges – the Year Rounder.
Guidelines for continued riding:
1. Obey all local rules and restrictions. In most places, outdoor riding is still allowed, though group rides are discouraged if not disallowed.
2. Do not ride in groups or pacelines. Drafting is NOT social distancing!
3. Understand that drivers likely do not share your passion for riding and may have even less tolerance for cyclists than usual. Seek out the least-trafficked routes you can find.
4. Ride SAFELY. First responders and hospitals are already struggling to take care of other demands for their services.
Year-Rounder rules adjustment:
1. All qualifying rides completed will continue to count toward your annual total.
2. The two months of March and April are waived in terms of requiring a century ride. In order to be credited with the normal ‘century each month’, these two centuries must be made up at some point later in the year. Twelve rides of 100+ miles must still be ridden within the year.
3. The existing allowance of two ‘grace months’ is unaffected by the waiver of March and April. In other words, you will have four months you can make up, rather than two, for the Larry Schwartz Year-Rounder award.
We realize that restrictions vary by location and that some riders will be able to accumulate mileage during this period while others will not. It is an unfortunately uneven playing field in this regard, but we’re opting to credit those who can ride as we believe their efforts should be respected.
Wishing you continued health and safety,
   Marc Poland