Organized Races

Ultracycling races are some of the most open, accessible competitive environments you will find. Sure, there are athletes fighting for top honors, but they are also the first to help first-timers achieve their dreams.

Races are held all over the world, in all types of conditions. WUCA works hard to assist promoters organize and conduct safe, high quality events that keep cyclists coming back.

Races challenge you to complete defined distances (500, 444, 1000+ kms) or defined routes or to race defined time periods (6, 12, 24 hours). 6 and 12 hour races are a GREAT place to start your ultracycling journey.

The race event listing[insert link]is where you find races that will challenge you, whatever your level of experience.

The cool thing about ultracycling is that multiple races run concurrently. So, one event may offer 6, 12 and 24 hour races at the same time. For newbies, its a great chance to test your legs while seeing some of the very best ultracyclists in the world.

Since many events have caps on the number of racers allowed, be sure to plan your racing early and register as soon as registration opens. Many organizers offer early registration to WUCA members.


WUCA Championships are selected annually in a range of ultracycling events. Winners are recognized as the continental champions for the coming year. To be a WUCA Champion is an amazing accomplishment for any cyclist.

Winners are recognized in age, gender, and bike type categories, as well as in male and female overall results. 

Championship races are open to every registered athlete. Each championship is designated on the race event listing page.

Exclusive Annual Global Competitions

Each year, nearly all WUCA members compete in our annual global competitions.

Athletes compete against each other all over the world to prove their ultracycling skills (and their abilities to suffer while ‘going long’! These contests are enormous motivators to get out on your bike again and again.

Athletes compete by combining their performances in different types of races, or by adding up all of their mileage riding long-whether in organized rides, small groups, or solo rides, outdoors or indoors!

Annual competitions are open to all and are set by gender, age group and bicycle type, allowing virtually anyone to compete anywhere in the world, even without leaving your own neighborhood!

  • The World Cup adds up your performance in one each of a 12 hour, 24 hour and 1000+ mile event. It is the ultimate all-round recognition.
  • The Year-Rounder goes to the athlete completing the highest total distance on their bike(s) in a calendar year. Awards are given for total distance based on age group and gender (both outdoor and indoor riding are included!).
  • The Race Mileage Award goes to the athlete completing the highest total distance in WUCA races published on our calendar.  Awards are given based on age group and gender.

Athletes reaching designated award levels will receive a certificate or medal. Every athlete receives a certificate confirming their accomplishments—beginning with riding a 140 km ride each month, up to earning the platinum level award!