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Coming soon…

This section of the old website requires intense effort to migrate over to the new platform. It will be done as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please find below the latest official spreadsheets for the competitors:


Official Results

In Progress

Alan Johnson (HAM’R Month) – 2016-12-17 (xlsx)

Amanda Coker (HAM’R year) – 2016-12-07 (xlsx)

Alicia Searvogel (HAM’R year) – 2016-12-07 (xlsx)


Steven Abraham (HAM’R Month) – 2016-10-01 final (xlsx)

Andre Goeritz (HAM’R month) – 2016-06-09 (xlsx)

Kurt Searvogel & Steven Abraham (HAM’R year) – 2015 final (xlsx)

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